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Eye Candy

Doesn’t it seem like M&M’s have been around forever?  I just read an article about how they were created during World War II to boost the morale of American troops.  Just another example of how color can cheer us up!   Not to mention the euphoria that comes from eating chocolate.  There will certainly be plenty of M&M’s consumed today.  And no doubt, there will be plenty of parents who will have to wrestle these colorful candies away from their kids before they make themselves sick.  So, today I salute M&M’s — the ultimate, irresistible eye-candy!

Shoe Stompin’ Color

When thinking about ways to add color and interest to your space, look down!  These days, there are many innovative, colorful flooring options that are almost too pretty to walk on.  Like these printed hardwood flooring boards (above) from, that were featured at the Surfaces 2008 trade show.  I also love this Woodstock area rug from Both options offer bold graphics and bountiful color.  Just remember to consider your lifestyle before choosing any type of flooring.  As a football mom (I’m talking cleats, here), fancy flooring is not an option for our household.  So, to all of you fellow sports moms out there, use caution when making your selections.  And be careful with the lipstick.

Autumn Lights

Having a fall party?  Nothing creates a festive mood better than specialty lighting.  Greet your guest with these ‘autumn leaf’ string lights (from that you can hang over the front door.  I also love how these ‘yarn ball’ lights (from come in spooky colors — without being so spooky.  Also, if you decide to do some shopping around, you may come across a great find such as this pre-lit tree (below) I scooped up from a local floral design store.  So, if you’re planning a party, think lighting.  It will make your event shine!

pre-lit tree_porterhousedesigns

Looking For Lavender

Deep violet is hot this season, which is great for us purple people.  I love a dark shade of eggplant, but I also adore lighter tints of purple.  Lavender is a stylish color that can be paired nicely with apple green, chocolate brown, gray and even red to create a lively contemporary look.  So, if you’ve been searching for a soft accent color, maybe you’ve been looking for lavender.

Guest lounge by Porter House Designs
Guest Lounge by
Milan Buffet by
Milan Buffet from
Table decor from

RAZR V3xx from
RAZR V3xx from
Designer tissue (who knew??) from
Designer tissue (who knew??) from