Fourth of July Dessert Table

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I also want to share my Dessert Table.  I think you and your guests {especially the little ones} will love this.

Welcome to Sweet Street {aka Interstate July 4} — a street lined with red, white and blue cupcakes topped with road signs and pinwheels.  My “street” is actually a black tablecloth…and those lines in the road — electrical tape {more on that later}.

On this street, the main attraction is the construction truck that delivers gumballs to the nearby town…

..but occasionally the truck spills it’s contents on the road — to the delight of nearby pedestrians — but this incident always causes a traffic jam.  Once the road is clear, cars get moving again…

…and on the 4th of July, you’ll see some cars decorated with red, white and blue stripes {more electrical tape} to mark the occasion.

…And once again traffic comes to a halt when more roadblocks appear, such as buckets of kettle corn:

Fortunately, sometimes things will appear in the center of the road which allows the cars to keep moving {at a slower speed, of course}.

All in all, it’s been a good day on Sweet Street/Interstate July 4….and I had a blast sharing this idea with you!

To create your own street-inspired Dessert Table for the 4th, here is my shopping list to get you started {Have Fun!}:

Interstate Sign Printables:  Download HERE

Construction Truck & Model Cars:  Toys-R-Us

Gumballs:  Bulk Candy

Tablecloth and Pinwheels:  Wal-Mart

Electrical Tape:  The Home Depot

Cupcakes, Popcorn, Bottled Soda & Carnations:  Your Local Grocery Store

Plastic Popcorn Containers:  The set I have is no longer available, but here is a similar product at

Recipe for Kettle Corn: (note: I like to add cinnamon to mine)

Dessert Table design and photography by Kelly Porter of Porter House Designs

5 thoughts on “Fourth of July Dessert Table

  1. FANTASTIQUE!!!! Congratulations, this is super original, funny and uber stylish! Loved every single picture! I’m not American, but trust me, these images make me want to celebrate the 4th of July too! Huge Hug! XoXo

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