7 Spring Color Schemes {inspired by México}

ocean cabana2 color scheme

Hola, color lovers!  I’m just getting back from a vacation in México.  My husband and I got some much needed R&R in the Riviera Maya, a beautiful resort area on the Yucatán Peninsula.  We spent much of our time at the beach, and we also toured the town of Puerto Morelos.  Mexico is such a colorful, vibrant country so I found tons of color ideas to share with you — just in time for spring painting!  In this post, I’ve curated seven color schemes.  I hope you see something that you’d like to try in your home this year!

pink house color scheme

sailboat color scheme

violet entry color scheme

blue beach color scheme

sun and moon_color scheme

We went on a bike tour in and around Puerto Morelos, a bustling beach town.  My husband and I rode on a tandem bike and he was the “driver,” so I was able to snap pictures as we rode along.  Unfortunately, many of my pictures came out blurry but I did get a few good ones.  The houses were so charming and colorful, and the vegetation was very lush.

pretty flowers color scheme

A few more snapshots from México:

bike tour in Mexico

dressed for dinner

riviera maya cancun resort

As you can tell, we had a great time!  I hope you enjoyed this post and if you want the names of paint colors that closely match any of the inspiration colors, please leave a comment or send me an email at kelly@porterhousedesigns.com.

2 thoughts on “7 Spring Color Schemes {inspired by México}

  1. Oh my, what an absolutely fabulous vacation! Just the two of you? Aren’t you lucky! and the colors are to die for; that is one big reason I love going to any tropical spot. The light is so entirely different and thus the color stories look so new! Welcome back to reality!!

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