A Flower for the Children of Newtown

 a flower

Today my heart is heavy as I continue to pray for the community of Newtown, Connecticut.

This is a picture that my son painted for me when he was in elementary school.  He is now a college-bound teenager, and I haven’t been more grateful to have him and his brothers in my life than right now.

To me, this flower represents the beauty and innocence of childhood.  Posting this photo is my way of expressing my sorrow for the children who were lost in such a senseless tragedy.  Their parents will never have another painting or drawing from the child they lost…not another picture to hang on the refrigerator.  That breaks my heart.  I can only believe that these children are now like the most beautiful flowers in the eternal garden of Heaven.  They are vibrant, colorful, free and they are in the presence of God.

We may never understand why these precious children were taken away but I will continue to pray for their families because, even in the face of tragedy, God is the greatest comforter and the greatest love I know.

2 thoughts on “A Flower for the Children of Newtown

  1. thank you for this,, a sentiment that is echoed here in the UK,,we will continue to pray for those little innocents and their families x

  2. What a nice post Kelly. How to keep our children safe… Mine is not here to hug, but oh they are so precious to us.
    P.S. I think your son inherited your sense of color at a young age!

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