A Lesson In Blue

One-third of all people say that BLUE is their favorite color.


Maybe that’s because of it’s soothing properties. If you want to create a serene space, blue is the perfect color.


Use a warm TURQUOISE in your foyer to relieve stress as soon as you get home from work. If you have a room that gets too much sunlight, paint it PERIWINKLE BLUE and it will seem cooler.


Paint the ceiling SKY BLUE in any room for an airy feel {it will work with any wall color}.  However, if your ceilings are very high, opt for a slightly deeper blue or you may not even notice that the ceiling is painted.


And you CAN pair blue with green.  Just look outside.  The grass, leaves and plants are green. The sky and ocean are blue.  Somehow God makes it all work.

If you’re on Facebook, join my new group —  The Paint CAN Crew –  to see more photos of beautiful blue spaces, and get more advice on painting those white walls.

Photos are from the books, “Color Healing Home,” by Catherine Cumming and “The Smart Approach to Kids’ Rooms,” by Megan Connelly

One thought on “A Lesson In Blue

  1. Your color presentations always make me feel like I just took a happy pill! And they help me to feel unafraid to paint my house in a bunch of gorgeous colors that I haven’t seen in the houses of anyone I know.. My west-facing foyer is going to be periwinkle!

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