A Light Makeover

Before you get rid of that old ‘candelabra’ lighting fixture, check out this project:


I added a little color and pizazz to an uninteresting, bargain floor lamp by using scrapbooking paper and mini-shades.


candle cover_close_kporter

I simply ‘wrapped’ scrapbooking paper around the candle covers.  I purchased my paper at Michael’s, but you can find scrapbooking paper at any craft store.


Make sure your choice reflects the style of the fixture, as well as your room.  The color can match your existing hues, but it doesn’t have to — especially if you want to introduce a new accent color into your space.


{Mark your paper on the reverse side}

Remove a candle cover from your fixture and use it as a guide to mark and cut your paper to size.  Important: You don’t want to create a fire hazard, so make sure the paper does not touch the light bulb — cut the paper so that it is positioned just below the top of the candle cover.  Wrap your paper around the candle cover, and secure the paper in place with hot glue.


For a finished look, I added a finial.  You can find mini-shades {and finials} at any lighting-supply store or visit lampsplus.com.  This is an easy way to add just a bit of color to your space, so give it a try!

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