Purple By Any Other Name

The color purple has long been associated with royalty and spirituality.  In ancient times, purple dye was so difficult to obtain, only the wealthy and powerful wore purple garments.  However, today purple has taken on many other meanings.


The deep plum wall color {ideahome.com} in this room almost appears gray.  With this type of muted purple, you can add gray and shiny silver furnishings, creating a modern feel with an overall sense of harmony.


Lavender, just like the plant of the same name, offers a sense of well-being.  It’s a fun color that is as youthful as it is elegant.  In this space {southernaccents.com}, lavender is paired with neutrals to create a bedroom that fits a young or adult guest.


I love the vivid violet wall color in this bedroom {livingetc.com}.  This cooler hue contains more blue than red, just like the deeper tones in the area rug and bed cover.  I think these colors are very majestic.


This living room demonstrates how aubergine fabrics and accessories can add a regal feel to a neutral space {elledecor.com}.  This is always a safe and easy way to add color to your home.  Then, when you’ve got your color confidence, you can paint those walls!

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