A New Era of Colors


The Inauguration of President Barack Obama was truly an amazing day in American history.  Being a native Washingtonian, I’ve never seen the city so electrified — powered by two million jubilant people!  And I must say, I’m delighted that we have a family in the White House that loves unique, vibrant colors and wears them well!  So, here’s my “Yes We Did” palette inspired by the colors proudly worn by the Obamas on this historic day (colors by Sherwin-Williams):

Independent Gold and Heartthrob

"Independent Gold" reflects the color of Michelle Obama's day ensemble. This yellow-gold metallic fabric also had a touch of green. "Heartthrob" not only describes President Obama himself, but it was also the color of his tie.


"Frank Blue" was the classic color of Malia's coat, while Sasha wore a fun-loving combination of pink ("Loveable") and orange ("Kid's Stuff")

Other hues of the day included these brightly-colored buttons that volunteers on the National Mall were handing out (refresheverything.com).  Inaugural Ball invitations and tickets also made a colorful mark on the evening (bottom picture):



top photo of the Obama family from huffingtonpost.com

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