A Pretty Functional Bedroom

Straight from the current issue of Southern Living — a bedroom perfect for busy working women and moms:


What makes this space pretty, is the use of color and pattern.  The wall covering is adorable.  However, if you’ll need to consider your husband’s taste, mix in a more masculine fabric, such as the one used for the bedskirt and chair.


What makes this bedroom functional, is the bedside table — it’s a desk, dressing table and breakfast area, all in one.  A great idea, especially for small bedrooms.  Furniture pieces that help you to multi-task will make your life easier.  And check out the yellow handbag and shoes!  Busy women always find the time to shop, don’t we?

6 thoughts on “A Pretty Functional Bedroom

  1. I love the idea of a vanity as an end table. It’s very functiona land pretty. I love being able to sit while I’m getting ready. Every woman should have a little vanity table!
    And the room looks great!

  2. Thanks for your comment, Nicolette. The wallpaper is very bold and dramatic — certainly not for everyone, but patterns like these show us that adult bedrooms can be colorful, whimsical and fanciful. Why should kids have all the fun? :)

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