Choosing A Color: Gold

Tyra Banks recently posed for a photo shoot in honor of the late fashion designer Alexander McQueen.

“McQueen was considered royalty in the fashion community,” Tyra wrote on her website. So she decided to transform herself, head-to-toe, into a queen.

{What an adorable princess!}

I was very inspired by the regal outfits, especially the gold accents.  It reminded me of the gold trend that is slowly making its way through the interior design world.  Unlike the trend of the past, this new gold rush is less gaudy and more refined; a little less shiny and more polished satin — definitely an accent and paint color trend to watch.

{The two spaces above are in a Renaissance-inspired home located in Singapore.  Designer Stanley Tham.}

{home interior design}



{google images}

{satin gold fixture from Kohler}

{home interior design}

{the decorista}

{lighting catalog}


{OK…so maybe this one is a little over the top!  From}

Have you been seeing gold?  Will you add it to your color scheme?

4 thoughts on “Choosing A Color: Gold

  1. I’ve always liked the look of gilded gold. I’ve got some convincing to do with my clients, however. Going back to gold is a bit of a leap for many of them. Maybe I can work with all that gold shower trim in the 80′s bathrooms I’m redoing!!!

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