About Me

My name is Kelly Porter.  I’m a Designer and the owner of Porter House Designs, a business that provides a variety of design services and includes the Color Sizzle lifestyle brand.  I believe God uses color everywhere everyday to inspire us and make our lives richer.  That’s why I always begin with color when helping clients.

I’ve witnessed over and over again how a coat of paint can solely transform an ordinary space into an extraordinary one, and simply put — color makes people happy.  But I’ve also seen how many people struggle with choosing the right colors.

Color selection is a very important part of my designs and DIY plans, and I’ve been a designer for 15 years.  Before then, I worked in public relations but left the corporate world to stay at home with my three sons.  With the help of my very supportive husband, I was able to pursue my passion and start my own design business.

We are based in the Washington, DC – Baltimore area, and through our on-line design service Design Take-Out, I can create custom color schemes and design boards for clients anywhere in the world!

I’m best known for my home office — a space I named my ‘Mom Cave.’  I received national recognition and started the ‘mom cave’ design trend after my home office was featured in The Washington Post and on Apartment Therapy.


In addition to my design business, I’m a freelance writer who has contributed to Sherwin-Williams’ website, STIR and  Houzz.com.

My local and online projects include residential interiors and exteriors, and commercial spaces including restaurants and a bakery.  Working with color correctly takes experience and a good eye.  I’m so grateful that God has allowed me to acquire both over the years.

If I can assist you with color selections or if you’re a DIYer or business owner in need of design help, please contact me at kelly@colorsizzle.com.