Accent Colors For Gray Bedrooms

Not only is gray a hot neutral, it’s also a terrific color for the bedroom — especially when it’s paired with vibrant accent colors.

{apartment therapy}

Gray is a serene and tranquil hue — perfect for relaxation — but too much of it can look drab.  The good news is, you can add just about any other color to gray and it will instantly liven up a bedroom, which may be just what you need when that alarm clock goes off in the morning!

Pops of Pink

{country living}


Refreshing Turquoise


{apartment therapy}

Energizing Orange



Regal Violet


Cheerful Yellow



Luscious Cranberry


Rusty Red


7 thoughts on “Accent Colors For Gray Bedrooms

  1. Thinking about having a light gray bedroom with bright pink bedding then white and black as my two other colors :) I already have white furniture and black picture frames lol Very excited though! :D

  2. Just painted my bedroom lightgray/trimmed off with a dark gray!It looks so nice!!!!I`am going with a bright color now just don`t know which them all!!Everyone loves the color of my room!Can`t wait till its complete.

  3. I really never cared for gray, but now I am definetly thinking differently. Love the Pink, Turqoise, Purple, Orange, Yellow….all of them!

  4. i love these ideas! i recently painted my living room and bedroom gray – we’re complimenting it with khaki and brown colors, but I’ve been looking for that perfect color to really make it pop. I love the yellow and orange – especially for spring. :)

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