Accent Colors For Gray Bedrooms

Not only is gray a hot neutral, it’s also a terrific color for the bedroom — especially when it’s paired with vibrant accent colors.

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Gray is a serene and tranquil hue — perfect for relaxation — but too much of it can look drab.  The good news is, you can add just about any other color to gray and it will instantly liven up a bedroom, which may be just what you need when that alarm clock goes off in the morning!

Pops of Pink

{country living}


Refreshing Turquoise


{apartment therapy}

Energizing Orange



Regal Violet


Cheerful Yellow



Luscious Cranberry


Rusty Red


8 thoughts on “Accent Colors For Gray Bedrooms

  1. Just finished painting the bedroom with Sherwin Williams Lazy Gray, it is perfect with the white trim. Now have to decide the colors to add. I am leaning towards Indigo and Citron. Easy to rule out colors but hard to decide on those to use. As long as strong color but not jarring and nothing too traditional like yellow or orange. Did the gray as the background, to be restful. Will see what develops. :-)

  2. Thinking about having a light gray bedroom with bright pink bedding then white and black as my two other colors :) I already have white furniture and black picture frames lol Very excited though! :D

  3. Just painted my bedroom lightgray/trimmed off with a dark gray!It looks so nice!!!!I`am going with a bright color now just don`t know which them all!!Everyone loves the color of my room!Can`t wait till its complete.

  4. I really never cared for gray, but now I am definetly thinking differently. Love the Pink, Turqoise, Purple, Orange, Yellow….all of them!

  5. i love these ideas! i recently painted my living room and bedroom gray – we’re complimenting it with khaki and brown colors, but I’ve been looking for that perfect color to really make it pop. I love the yellow and orange – especially for spring. :)

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