Color Design: Coral And More

coral living room | kelly porter

One way to achieve great success with your color scheme is to ‘pull’ it out of your artwork.  This is exactly what I did when choosing paint colors for this beautiful home.  The homeowner {who is also my friend} had collected gorgeous abstract art pieces that were full of bold hues.  She also has great contemporary furniture, but because the walls were builder’s white, it just felt like something was missing.  Not any more.


{Like me, my friend has three boys.  Look how clean her white sectional sofa is!  Unbelievable!  Wall color:  Chrysanthemum by Sherwin-Williams}

We not only selected colors that complement the home’s furnishings, but my client-friend also took the bold approach of painting her ceilings.  This two-tone application adds tons of drama but the look is still harmonious because each room was painted with analogous colors:  coral for the family room and living room; blue-greens for the dining room.


In the dining room, new chairs line the wall, painted with Halcyon Green by Sherwin-Williams.  {There will be plenty of comfy seating for my friend’s large Christmas gathering.}


In the kitchen {below}, we used a rich neutral which picks up the tones of the cherry cabinets and dark wood flooring.  This warm, earthy color also balances all of the other hues.


The ceiling color in the family room was the same shade of coral that we used for the walls in the living room {below}.



Now, when friends and family come to visit, they embark on a colorful journey that begins right at the front door.

All photos by Porter House Designs.
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