Fall Color Scheme {with a splash of green}

Green is a fall color, too…

fall table setting

…Think Granny Smith apples, pre-ripened berries, gourds and foliage.  Some trees even drop their leaves while still in a green state.

This is the perfect time of year to discover a new color palette for your home or party, and if you love green, rest assured that this hue is not just for summer!

Green, brown and gold combined create an earthy, comfortable color palette that never grows old.

{Granny Smith apples and Holly berries}

Click Here to download the free FALL Printable Labels featured in this post.

4 thoughts on “Fall Color Scheme {with a splash of green}

  1. I have to say that it’s very interesting to read on and you’re certainly making me think about apples inside a new way.This is gorgeous! Green is my favorite color, and today I’m looking forward to using it this fall during my home. Thanks!

  2. This is gorgeous! Green is my favorite color, and now I’m excited about using it this fall in my home. Thanks, Kelly!

  3. Luscious! Do the top two greens have a corresponding paint color? Inspired by your site, I want to be bold with new kitchen colors.

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