Fall Dessert Table Ideas

Attention Fab Fall Party People!  In this post, I’m sharing photos of my Autumn and Thanksgiving Dessert Tables!

Not only are these tables infused with a surprise pop of blue, but they also feature my new Autumn Printables.

The hues were inspired by a vintage quatrefoil pattern.  I digitally enhanced the print and used it to design the printables.  I love the unique variations of the pattern, and blue is a fun, unexpected color to use in autumn decor.

Orange burlap makes a great backdrop and tablecloth, and you’ll see I displayed cupcakes two different ways:  on a cake plate with a mini-pumpkin tower in the center {above}, and…

on a small bale of hay {which you can get at the craft store}.  The candy corn topiaries are a take on my baby shower topiaries. This does take a huge dose of patience and hot glue…but since Halloween candy is now on sale, why not try it?

For the base, I used those gorgeous colbalt-blue Saratoga water bottles.  LOVE the way they turned out!

These Dessert Tables are perfect for Thanksgiving or Autumn birthdays.  I hope you were inspired!

Design and photographs by Porter House Designs.

4 thoughts on “Fall Dessert Table Ideas

  1. I love the quatrefoil motif you’ve used in your autumn decor :-) And the candy corn topiaries are fab!! I also really like the unexpected colour combo of orange & blue.


    P.S. I’ve just launched a new interior design blog. Hope you’ll stop by and check it out :-)

  2. The candy corn topiary is so unique…I just love it! They do look like they were meticulously made – how long did it take i wonder?

  3. I love your choice of colors! Not typical for harvest/fall colors. Your design was minimal and yet it has a lot of impact because of the colors. Thumbs up! LOL!

  4. Kelly: Love it, love it! You did a really outstanding job here. Just the orange burlap is great alone!
    New Etsy shop? great, and I look forward to seeing more. Maybe you will want to advertise on some blogs????

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