Autumn Tablescapes

moroccan autumn table

I love a lavishly decorated table.  Even if it’s a look that appears to be out of my price range, I enjoy getting ideas from a ‘dream design.’  Then I’ll run to Target, the craft store, and the fabric store and re-create the look.

Picture 6

{Love the Moroccan feel of this one, and the turquoise accent fabric}

Picture 8

These awesome autumn-colored tables {} are full of great ideas for a Fall wedding or other celebration.  A simpler version of any of these settings would make a beautiful Thanksgiving table.  I feel a re-creation coming on…

Picture 9

Picture 10

{The decorative balls are made from yarrow.}

Picture 11

Picture 12

{You could easily make this tablecloth by applying grommets and adhesive beads to satin fabric}

Picture 13

{Thanksgiving will be here in less than two weeks!}

3 thoughts on “Autumn Tablescapes

  1. I love recreating a high-end look on a low-end budget. Although I wouldn’t mind having a high-end budget now and then to see what it’s like being able to go all out and splurge!!

    I’m sure you’ll be able to replicate these tablescapes for a fraction of the price. Don’t forget to post pics when you do!!

    From one purple Kelly to another, thanks for the birthday wishes :-)


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