Photography and Fall Colors

Today I’m featuring pictures that were taken by my terrific twin teenagers.

our street, USA

our street, USA (Nicholson)

My sons, Nicholson (Nick) and Tyson, have become very talented iPhone photographers. So, of course I want to encourage their artistic side.  I thought, what better way to showcase the colors and beauty of fall than to use their photos.  And you can find my Autumn Paint Picks at the end of this post .

leaves and stone (Tyson)

leaves and stone (Tyson)

sky fall (Tyson)

sky fall (Tyson)

the statue at my school (Nicholson)

the statue at my school (Nicholson)

flame (hmm...not sure who took this one)

flame (hmm…not sure who took this one)

Nicholson and Tyson have a birthday in November.  They are my fall babies, so maybe that explains their fascination with this time of year.  They’re great, smart kids and I’m very proud of them!

Tyson and Nick - schoolin'

Tyson and Nick – schoolin’

Nick and Tyson – coolin’

And here are my Awesome Autumn Paint Picks for 2013.  Enjoy!

autumn paint picks by kelly porter

6 thoughts on “Photography and Fall Colors

  1. Hi Libby! Yes, they are identical. It’s been such a joy raising them! My college guy is doing very well and he’ll be home for Thanksgiving, so we will be very happy to see him. Let me know when you’re in DC. ~Kelly

  2. Kelly: Oh, what fun! Love seeing your boys: are they identical twins? Can’t quite tell here. And yes, they do a great job with the iPhone .
    How’s college going up North? Will he be home at Thanksgiving?
    Love your color picks here…

  3. Thanks, MaryJane! And I’m glad you like the paint colors. I have a small butler’s pantry that I’m going to paint Smoldering Red or something similar…hopefully before Thanksgiving! ~Kelly

  4. Thank you, Chris. I actually think they are better photographers than me these days (and they get their looks from their dad!). :) ~Kelly

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