Be Seen In Green

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It wasn’t until very recently that I started loving green.  Not just any green, but that rich, saturated Emerald or Kelly Green.

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Green is a comfort hue.  However, we see so much of it in nature that we often take this color for granted.  We sometimes don’t notice it or appreciate it’s soothing qualities.

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It’s no secret that Emerald Green is a definite go-to color for many top designers:

{Sherrill Canet}

{Sheila Bridges}

{The Emerald Queen herself – Kelly Wearstler}

{Tobi Fairley}

Green is the color of balance.  It’s that great equalizer because it is nature’s neutral.


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{house to home}

{decor inspiration}

Green represents harmony, earth and our environment, luck, money — and it will always make your home feel more festive for the Holidays.  Many wonderful reasons to consider adding Emerald to your home!

{The REAL Emerald City via}

10 thoughts on “Be Seen In Green

  1. I love this shade of green. It’s so rich and cozy. I also love your Emerald print! Very clever and chic. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Kelly green and white are wonderful together! I also love kelly green in clothing such as a beautiful kelly green sweater. A very happy color that looks great on everyone.

  3. That’s a lot of green! When my daugher was little her favorite color was “geen” and I thought that was so odd but she is now a talented artist. I guess creative minds think alike. Great photos…thanks

  4. As a teenager I had painted one wall in my room a vivid green…and now I have my famous lavatory in a dark, dark glossy green…so Yes! it’s one of my favorite colors!!!

  5. Kelly,
    I am SO glad I bumped into your blog today. Fantastic pictures, beautifully designed rooms, wonderful colors and everything is so filled with happiness. Congratulations, and THANK YOU for sharing your thoughts and point of view with us. I’ll always be around now ;-)
    Manu Mitre

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