Black And White Rooms

Why did I write a post about Black and White rooms on a blog called Color Sizzle?

ca homeanddesign


You all know that I’m crazy for color.  Black and white is achromatic — meaning void of color — so what gives?  Well, I’m always moved by color, but I also love contrast. Sometimes, it’s the contrast in a room that speaks louder than anything else.  And a black and white ‘color’ scheme creates the most powerful contrast of all.

black and white room


black room with white sofa


Black and white is not only visually striking, but it’s also a classic look {think Art Deco} that has real staying power {like Modern Glam}.  Black and white is tried and true when other trends have come and gone.

kelly wearstler_bathroom




Another plus with this achromatic ‘color’ scheme is that you can add any other color or pattern to it, and it always works.  That’s good news for those ADD types {like myself} who get bored easily and want to change things up a bit.

martha stewart


black curtains in white room


black white and gray bedroom


black and white bedroom

Although, there is no real color with the Black and White combination, this duo offers a ton of energy, {from the contrast} balance, and the presence of perfect harmony…sort of like Ebony and Ivory…and maybe that’s the next best thing to color.

2 thoughts on “Black And White Rooms

  1. I love this! I am always changing thigs about and never connected it to my ADD. Adding a new color every so often would really satisfy this need. Thanks for sharing the idea!

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