Black, White, A Touch of Sunlight

I was so inspired by this photo in the new White House Black Market catalog.

white house black market

Are they selling shoes or flowers?  Black and white is very chic these days — for fashion and home.  The yellow adds an eye-catching, happy pop of color.


{bright yellow walls can be toned down with white draperies; from}


{even a small dose of vibrant yellow will stand out, and make a black and white space seem less serious — love the pendant! From}


{a single black lamp shade is teamed up with navy blue for a less dramatic look; from}



{softer yellows also warm up a black and white space; from}


{you can’t help but to be in a good mood if you’re sitting on a sunny-yellow sofa — I bet the Ugly Doll is happy; from domino}

5 thoughts on “Black, White, A Touch of Sunlight

  1. I love this combination! Black and white is so classy. Thanks for showing us how yellow can be used as an accent color.

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