Black, White & Whatever You Like

As someone who’s passionate about color, I actually love black and white spaces…


…because you have the freedom to add any accent color you desire.  So which hues work best with black and white?  Well, because this combo creates such a dramatic effect, muted and soft colors won’t get much attention.  Go bold and bright with your accent color, and it will surely stand out.  Here are some of my faves:



1. ceramic lamp, 2. juicy clock, 3. set of 3 vases



1. chandelier pillow, 2. lamp, 3. flower pillow



1. glass vase, 2. fern pillow, 3. chandelier




1. side chairs, 2. chandelier, 3. telephone

{lime green}


1. chest, 2. side chairs, 3. accent table



1. candles, 2. picture frame, 3. bubble lamps

black and white bedroom:

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