Bohemian Bedrooms

If you’ve been thinking that your bedroom could use a burst of color, this post will be a feast for your eyes…

bohemian bedroom


…but only if you have a taste for something a little unconventional.  That’s the one word that comes to mind when I think about the Bohemian design style, and I mean that in a good way.

bohemian room


In a world when many people jump all over whatever trend is hot at the moment, there is something very refreshing about those who do the unexpected.  Bohemian rooms are an eclectic mix of vivid colors, patterns, retro and vintage pieces, and global influences.  These spaces are always unexpected and definitely eye-catching.

bohemian design


pinterest boho bedroom


Some people say that color relaxes them.  If you’re one of those people, a Bohemian bedroom may be perfect for you.  Start with a traditional/vintage headboard or bed {you can find one at thrift stores, flea markets and on eBay}.  Then, pile on the colorful fabrics –  bedspreads, blankets, quilts and throw pillows.  You can paint the room with a vivid or subtle color, but be sure to include colorful wall art, area rugs and/or lampshades in a great color.

bohemian bedroom design


With the Boho style, just about any fashion accessory can be turned into accessories for your room:  jewelry, scarfs, handbags and hats.  Bohemian is all about personal expression.  It’s a look that is artsy, unique and it embraces the beauty of imperfection.

bohemian room1


bohemian bedroom color


No keeping up with trends here.  It’s about doing what you want {in a colorful way} to create a a place that is pleasing and relaxing to you — that’s what makes the Bohemian style a great choice for your bedroom.

2 thoughts on “Bohemian Bedrooms

  1. I love your designs. In a world where following trends is an obsession, doing your own thing and expressing yourself freely shows spirit and courage. My own house is a reflection of my style and I wouldn’t have it any other way! Thank you for sharing your wonderful creativity. It speaks to the gypsy in my soul!

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