Bohemian Inspiration

There is never a shortage of color inspiration in Bohemian interiors.

The Boho look is my favorite go-to style when I want to show clients that using a mix of colorful furnishings can be comfortable and elegant.

Beautiful interiors don’t always have to be about flawless symmetry, limited hues, and brand newness.  Character comes from those things that are colorful, just a little bit quirky, and {gasp!} imperfect.

All photos from Bohemian Shoebox.

8 thoughts on “Bohemian Inspiration

  1. Hi Kelly,
    we are kindred spirits! I was going to write a post on Bohemian Style as that defines me as a designer, and came across your blog. Love the images! I am going to add your site to my blog roll.

    Jane Hall

  2. Boho is fantastic – loved all the photo’s. Think that the hardwood floors look stunning, been finding out about hardwood flooring and more recently hardwood flooring in kitchens and bathrooms – what struck with your interior design photo’s and mention of colour is that natural hardwood floors can be stained to any colour to match a scheme – wonder what effect that would give to a room – any photos?

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