Bohemian Style

If you love color, pattern, vintage and thrift store finds, and you’re perfectly OK with imperfection, then you’ll love the bohemian style.

{house of deva}

Like many fans of the boho style, I love that it’s relaxed and looks lived in.  It’s a style that’s all about comfort and personal expression, which is why bohemian decor is always so colorful.  And forget about matchy-matchy!  The goal here is to use items that don’t necessarily go together — as if you’ve picked up pieces along your travels.


{google images}

You can create a beautiful bohemian table for the holidays or any celebration just by mixing and matching chairs and/or dinner plates.  And create a colorful chandelier by adding colored crystals to your existing fixture.  Photo below from

The bohemian style is also defined by rich pattern, texture and multi-cultural fabrics.

{kathryn ireland}

{lovely boheme}


{casa sugar}

The best thing about bohemian is that there are no rules.  Just have fun and let your creative side shine through.

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