Brightly Colored Kid’s Rooms

boys room_kporter

Today, over at Design Dazzle, I’ve blogged about Brightly Colored Bedrooms for Kids – a fun subject that sometimes makes parents a little nervous:

Picture 5

I often have the pleasure of working with kids and teens to help them select colors for their bedrooms {such as the boys room pictured at the top}.  I’ve also come to realize that children will choose the brightest colors known to mankind, because they are naturally attracted to these types of hues.  In fact, studies have shown that children usually respond to bright colors in a positive way.


So, how do you make sure that your child’s energetic color palette doesn’t send them into overdrive?  You need balance and compromise.  Click Here to view this entire post and find out more!

photos:  Porter House Designs; Design Dazzle; digsdigs

One thought on “Brightly Colored Kid’s Rooms

  1. Making use of bright colors in your children’s room are better because it can attract their attention giving them more reasons to have more time staying in their room for they would feel more comfortable on it.

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