Candy Coated Christmas Colors

If you follow my blog you’ve probably seen this room.  It’s my red room and I’m always changing things around in there — especially during the holidays.

Every Christmas I put up my white tree in my red room, and each year I decorate it with a different colors.  This year, I chose pink and orange.  My inspiration was a pair of pillows I purchased online a few months ago {seen in the photo above}.  I absolutely love their retro pattern and bold shades of candy pink and orange.

I started looking for pink and orange ornaments well before Thanksgiving and I found just what I needed at Michael’s and Wal-Mart.  Easy and inexpensive.  I also grabbed up a couple of white tinsel wreaths that were already decorated with colorful ornaments.

My only issue with the wreaths was that none of the ornaments were orange, but that was an easy fix:  I just pulled some of the ornaments off and used a glue gun to replace them with orange ones.

I also stumbled upon these snowmen ornaments at Kohl’s:

They not only showcase my colors but they also fit in perfectly with my tree topper — a wicker snowman that I bought last Christmas.  This year, I  dressed him up in candy colored ribbon.

If you want to use different Christmas colors this year but you’re not sure which ones to go with, create an inspiration board and fill it up with items and colors that catch your eye.  Here’s what I did:

You may not even use everything you put on the board {I didn’t} but it will keep you focused and soon you will start to see a theme emerge.

And when you’re looking for holiday decor, don’t overlook the thrift store.  You knew I had to mention that!  I found this wooden sleigh and reindeer set at Goodwill:

I’m in the process of backing my bookshelves with marbled paper, which is still a work in progress, but I think the paper creates a very magical setting for my thrift store finds.

I always enjoy sharing my projects and ideas with you this time of year because color makes our holiday celebrations more memorable and special.  So, as you host family and friends, and celebrate the reason for the season — the birth of Christ — I hope you’ll use color boldly!

I’d love to see your decorations, so please send me your pictures!  Email me at

9 thoughts on “Candy Coated Christmas Colors

  1. Awesome colors! I love non-traditional colors and decorations. Christmas time can sometimes be difficult with sad memories of loved ones not there. These happy colors surely brighten the spirit.

    What is that wonderful fabric on the pillow in the 4th picture or where can I get that pillow?

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