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Inspired By Olympic Gold {and Gabby Douglas}

As the 2012 Summer Olympics begin to wind down, I have been truly inspired by all of the amazing athletes from around the world.

Being a proud American, I am especially thrilled for Team USA!  They have won over 40 Gold medals and 90+ overall!  So, being the design/color blogger that I am, I couldn’t resist featuring a few golden ideas for your home —  and I have a special shout-out to gymnast Gabby Douglas after the pictures:


{architectural digest}

Gold accessories and accent furniture pieces work well with any color scheme.



Now to my shout-out:

I’m proud join a group of fellow bloggers who are posting, tweeting and pinning our love for Olympic gymnast Gabby Douglas.  In this year’s games, Gabby has won two gold medals in both the team and individual all-around competitions.  She is the first American gymnast to do this at the same Olympics.  Gabby is also the first African-American gymnast to become the individual all-around champion.  That inspires me.

I wish I had embodied Gabby’s courage and perseverance when I was a young, aspiring gymnast many moons ago.  I was actually pretty good…but I wasn’t confident enough to believe that I could be great.  Gabby knew she could be great even when she looked around and rarely saw other gymnasts who looked like her.

So, congratulations to Gabby Douglas – America’s Golden Girl and a true inspiration!

Ideas For Painting Your Trim


My clients often ask me for advice on which paint colors to use for trim and molding.  So, I wrote a post about decorating with picture-frame wainscoting, and to my surprise it has become the most popular story on my blog.  Needless to say, I thought it was time to do another post about trim.

{Cleverly ‘camouflaged’ picture-frame molding by mhouseinc}

Painting any type of trim can be a challenge, especially when you want to do something other than white.  But it really just comes down to amount of impact you want your trim to have.  Do you want it to stand out and be a focal point in your space?  Or would you prefer that the trim blend-in and quietly reinforce the room’s color scheme?  If you answered yes to either question, then take a look at the following photos for inspiration:

{suzanne kasler}

In the room pictured above, the crown molding blends into the room because it’s painted the same color as the walls.  Design Tip:  For a subtle difference, paint the trim in a different finish, such as a lacquer or high gloss finish.

{trailer park gypsy}

Your trim will pop the most when you paint it with a vivid hue that contrasts against a more understated wall color or wall covering.



{the lennoxx}


Design Tip:  Create a monochromatic look by using two or three colors from the same color family, as shown in the photo above.


{house and home}

{design crisis}

For more tips on paint colors, trim and molding, check out Ideas For Picture-Frame Wainscoting.

Purple Spaces To Swoon Over

I can never let too much time go by before I write a post about purple!

{house of anais}

As many of you know, my favorite colors are lavender, plum and every tint and shade in between.  I’m always looking for a reason to love on purple.

So, to celebrate the design of my new blog header I’m sharing a fun collection of purple spaces.  Purple people, enjoy!





{I’m obsessed with this tile!  Photo by decorativehomeinterior.}





Haute Home Essentials

Who says home essentials have to be boring?  Small doses of unexpected color really do make life a little more entertaining on the home front.  Here are a few products that can make each day a colorful one!

These colorful items from can make cleaning up a little more bearable.

Who knew air fresheners could be so exciting?  Love these Premium Room Sprays from Glade.

Every cabinet needs a pull.  Try these Lucky Number knobs from

These hand-crocheted washcloths from can also be used as coasters.

Spice up your dinner with this Fiesta flatware set from

Rubber gloves never looked so sexy…

…And check out these tantalizing toilet brushes, all from Tidy Aphrodite by Eclipse {you can find some of these items at Five}.


Loving these luxe leather hampers from Linens ‘N  Definitely a splurge item!

Accent Colors For Gray Bedrooms

Not only is gray a hot neutral, it’s also a terrific color for the bedroom — especially when it’s paired with vibrant accent colors.

{apartment therapy}

Gray is a serene and tranquil hue — perfect for relaxation — but too much of it can look drab.  The good news is, you can add just about any other color to gray and it will instantly liven up a bedroom, which may be just what you need when that alarm clock goes off in the morning!

Pops of Pink

{country living}


Refreshing Turquoise


{apartment therapy}

Energizing Orange



Regal Violet


Cheerful Yellow



Luscious Cranberry


Rusty Red