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Bohemian Bedrooms For Girls

With a fun mix of colors and cultures, creating a Bohemian Bedroom could be the perfect way to bring out your child’s unique personality.


Bohemian spaces are a blend of modern, vintage and global-ethnic furnishings. This look is casual, free flowing and can take your child beyond the expected design boundaries.


As our world “grows smaller,” tribal textiles and other ethnic accents are becoming the focus of the boho style. This gives us the opportunity to teach our children about other cultures, countries and traditions.


Color is also an important element to this style. Vibrant hues such as pink, red, green, purple and sapphire can be paired with calming earth tones to create a balanced and pretty color scheme.


Also, don’t forget the art of display. Jewelry, hair accessories and favorite clothing items can be artfully arranged and hung on pretty hooks or hangers.


{top photo – design by Fawn Galli}

Glam Girls Bedrooms

Teen girls love bright colors but maybe your daughter likes cooler, more subtle hues.  If so, create a glam bedroom for her using colors such as gray, black and silvery shades of blue and green.



Since many teen girls are into the ‘look of glamour,’ I’ve included this inspiration board {below} that includes elegant furnishings and super serene colors: black, silver-gray and purple.

A subtle color scheme can really set the tone for a peaceful bedroom — which isn’t a bad idea for teens. Between school, friends, technology and extracurricular activities, even our children can get a little frazzled. So, here are some of my favorite paint picks from Sherwin-Williams:

{Celestial, Mystical Shade, Ash Violet, Daydream, Vesper Violet, Quietude}

photos from decorpad
Inspiration Board photos from:,,,,

Romantic Bedrooms

Now is the time to bring sexy {and maybe even a little color} back to your bedroom.

Picture 14

A romantic, cozy bedroom can do wonders for your marriage, and with our busy schedules these days, your bedroom should be a place where you can feel comfortable and let loose.

Picture 11

Whether you’re married or single, your bedroom should be your haven — that serene space for relaxing at the end of the day and an inspiring space that rejuvenates you in the morning.  And yes, bold colors can be relaxing if they are colors you love.

Picture 16

Picture 25

Aside from crazy, sexy, cool colors, your bedroom should have great lighting.  Make sure your lighting sources are on dimmers, or switch some bulbs to a low wattage so that you can create a romantic mood.  See more great tips at the bottom of this post.

Picture 24

Picture 18

Picture 26

Picture 23

Picture 12

Picture 17

My tips for a romantic bedroom:

  • Remove clutter!  Get rid of those piles of clothes, magazines and mail, and return your kid’s toys to their rooms.  It’s difficult to relax and romance in a room filled with out-of-place stuff.
  • Invest in quality sheets with a thread count of about 400…and if it’s been a while since you’ve purchased a mattress, you may be due for an upgrade.  These days, mattresses are thicker, have pillow-top options, and will offer you a better night’s sleep.
  • Layering equals comfort & versatility, so use a combination of silky and textural bed coverings {duvet, coverlet, throw, etc}.
  • Be disciplined with T.V. watching.  Viewing too much television or watching the wrong thing can kill romance {and give you weird dreams}.  Instead, hook up your ipod or invest in a Sound Soother to hear the ocean waves.
  • Use scented candles, home fragrances or fresh flowers to make your bedroom smell scrumptious.
  • Give yourself permission to linger and enjoy your space by having a late-night dessert or morning breakfast in bed.

By all means, put your bedroom first!  It really is the most important room in your home.

All photographs from House To Home

Red and Gray Bedroom

I’m loving this glam bedroom, and here’s why red and gray is such a perfect color scheme for your master bedroom:


The juxtaposition of red and gray create an energetic yet serene effect.  It’s an elegant color balance that promotes what I call “RR & R” —  the idea that our bedroom should help us rejuvenate upon waking up, and help us relax at the end of a long day.  And if you’re married, your bedroom should encourage romance!


Red is a stimulating hue that can help us feel energetic and motivated when it’s time to get out of bed and get going.  It’s benefits are two-fold because red is also the color of passion and romance.  Who wouldn’t want that in their bedroom?


On the other hand, gray is a calming, neutral color that helps to keep red in check.  Gray is becoming very popular these days, but I think it looks best when paired with a dramatic color because used alone, it can make a room appear drab.


In this bedroom {or any bedroom}, gray adds a tranquility that’s perfect for when you want to wind down.  Gray introduces a modern feel that is also wonderfully subtle and gentle.


The key to a red and gray bedroom is using the right amount of each color.  In this bedroom, I love how a light gray tint is used as the dominant color.  Red, which can be overpowering in large doses, is used as the accent.  But what also adds interest to this space is the variation of these two colors: dark gray trim, a metallic silver bed and accessories.  Likewise for red — that gorgeous dresser is accented in fuchsia, as are some of the other accessories.


I believe that our bedroom should be the first room in our home that we decorate.  However, all to often it’s the last place that gets our attention.  Just remember that this is the first place we see in the morning and the last place we see at night.  With our busy schedules, rest and romance is at a premium.  So how can you get more of both?  A red and gray bedroom could very well be a great start!

All photos from lovehome

A Pretty Functional Bedroom

Straight from the current issue of Southern Living — a bedroom perfect for busy working women and moms:


What makes this space pretty, is the use of color and pattern.  The wall covering is adorable.  However, if you’ll need to consider your husband’s taste, mix in a more masculine fabric, such as the one used for the bedskirt and chair.


What makes this bedroom functional, is the bedside table — it’s a desk, dressing table and breakfast area, all in one.  A great idea, especially for small bedrooms.  Furniture pieces that help you to multi-task will make your life easier.  And check out the yellow handbag and shoes!  Busy women always find the time to shop, don’t we?