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‘Jewelry Stand’ Centerpiece

If you’re like me and you own a lot of jewelry, chances are you might have a tiered jewelry stand similar to mine:

If you have one, look beyond those earrings and bracelets.  Your jewelry stand will make a great addition to a spring dessert table or table setting — just layer on some candy, cookies or cupcakes.  I turned my stand into a colorful centerpiece using flowers and spice drops.

…And for those of you who sell handmade jewelry, this would make a great centerpiece for a jewelry party.  I’m sure you can come up with even more ideas!

All photographs by Porter House Designs

Spring Centerpiece: Jellybean Tower

If you’re looking for a candy centerpiece idea, this Jellybean Tower will add a little vintage sparkle and warm colors to your table.

The photo below shows you all of the parts to this centerpiece:  three vintage, glass candy dishes {one of my new favorite accessories} and three glass votive holders.

You can find vintage candy dishes at just about any thrift store or antique store.  I bought these at a thrift store for only $2.00 each.  The glass votive holders are available just about anywhere — the grocery store, craft store or Wal-Mart.  As you can see, I filled two of them with jellybeans and used one as a vase for the ranunculus.  These flowers are brilliantly colored and have tons of petals that actually look like paper.  Very pretty!

The final step is to stack each part on top of the other beginning with a candy dish and ending with the flowers.  Add extra jellybeans in the top dish {optional}, and you’re done!  Needless to say you can use any color of jellybeans you wish.  I wanted warm hues, hence the yellow and orange.

The great thing about using clear glass items is that they become whatever color you want them to be just by what you put in them.  So don’t ignore a pretty glass container even if you want something colorful.

One other point — this tower is best suited for adult gatherings.  Unless you glue all of the parts together, the display can topple over so use your discretion when children are around.  I’m pleased with how this centerpiece turned out and I’m sure it will make for a fun dinner conversation.

Design and photos by Kelly Porter of Porter House Designs

Fall Dessert Table Ideas

Attention Fab Fall Party People!  In this post, I’m sharing photos of my Autumn and Thanksgiving Dessert Tables!

Not only are these tables infused with a surprise pop of blue, but they also feature my new Autumn Printables.

The hues were inspired by a vintage quatrefoil pattern.  I digitally enhanced the print and used it to design the printables.  I love the unique variations of the pattern, and blue is a fun, unexpected color to use in autumn decor.

Orange burlap makes a great backdrop and tablecloth, and you’ll see I displayed cupcakes two different ways:  on a cake plate with a mini-pumpkin tower in the center {above}, and…

on a small bale of hay {which you can get at the craft store}.  The candy corn topiaries are a take on my baby shower topiaries. This does take a huge dose of patience and hot glue…but since Halloween candy is now on sale, why not try it?

For the base, I used those gorgeous colbalt-blue Saratoga water bottles.  LOVE the way they turned out!

These Dessert Tables are perfect for Thanksgiving or Autumn birthdays.  I hope you were inspired!

Design and photographs by Porter House Designs.

Colorful Spring Centerpieces

If you’re planning a spring event, here are some fun centerpiece ideas using seasonal colors.

candy topiaries by

{Porter House Designs}

I designed these candy topiaries and flower baskets for my friend’s baby shower.  These were very easy to make, although the topiaries take a little time and patience.  The flower baskets are plastic Easter buckets.  I filled each one with potting soil and garden flowers that guests could take home and re-plant .  Below are other great ideas from


Here is an adorable, kid-friendly centerpiece.  This is a very creative way to use dyed eggs.


Using pedestal bowls and silk butterflies, this centerpiece provides an elegant touch to a traditional setting.


Design a quick-and-easy centerpiece with grocery store flowers and fruit.  Here, sliced limes support yellow tulips to create a simply stunning display.