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6 Christmas Decorating Ideas {that won’t bust your budget}

There are many creative things you can do to get your home holiday-ready without spending a ton of money.  Here are six sensational ideas from my home to yours:

Whether you purchase a chalkboard or create one yourself using chalkboard paint {like I did here}, you can design a stunning, personal holiday message that has a good old-fashioned feel. And don’t forget to hang a fresh wreath. I made this one from Leyland cypress branches.

A fancy, red bow can make anything look festive, so tie one on!

Get your candles in line! You probably already have some lying around, anyway. Line them up on a window ledge or a long dining table. If they’re colorful or decorative, you don’t even have to light them because they’ll already look great just the way they are.

Candy canes are extremely cheap but they look super chic when grouped together in vases or mugs. I like traditional red and white, but these days you can find candy canes in a variety of fun colors to match your decor.

Embellish long curtains with tassels, ornaments or both. Sometimes it’s the small touches that make your home look sensational!

Each year I hang a wreath on just about every window and door in my house using ribbon that matches the colors of the room. I have a Tuscan-style kitchen, so these wreaths have bows made from brown, gold and copper ribbon. This is my favorite way to make our home look festive!

All photos and styling by Kelly Porter.

Super Chic Christmas Colors

Well, it’s that wonderful time of the year, and it seems like the holiday season got here pretty fast!  At least for me.  But that’s a good thing because I truly love Christmastime, and I had so much fun creating this year’s Christmas Color palettes.  As always, I included a mix of traditional and unconventional colors, which I think are all super chic choices for decorating and entertaining….starting with the retro-modern red and turquoise combo shown above {my living room}.  I hope these color ideas help to make your holiday planning a little more jolly!


Create a simple and chic display by arranging sprigs of holly, pine and boxwood in milk vases. I have a huge collection of milk vases and I love how versatile they are! I found all of them at local thrift stores!


For an antique look, mix yellow gold with rose gold and tones of parched ivory & natural wood.


Dare to be different {and whimsical} with a fiery orange ornament display that would make Heat Miser proud!


…Or keep it simple and easy with classic silver accessories — they’re always on trend during the holidays {and easy to find}.


Pinecones have a natural warmth, so display them all over your home in bowls and jars. These brown beauties look especially great in a frosty white setting. Let it snow!

All photos and styling by Kelly Porter.

Christmas Color Preview: Shades of Green


Green has been a wildly popular color this year.  But not just any shade of green.  If you’ve been paying attention, you may have noticed that people–both women and men–are wearing bright, neon greens.

It’s definitely become a trend in the world of sporting apparel, most likely due in part to the Seattle Seahawks’ Super Bowl win earlier this year.  The team refers to their trademark, yellow-green as Action Green.  This bright hue is also referred to as Volt and Hyper Green. There is also a lime-ier, less yellow version of this green (as shown above in the lower right corner).

mixed greens: magnolia leaves and evergreens

These greens are finding their way into our homes and are sure to be very popular this fall and into the holiday season for 2014.  The trend will be to mix them up with darker, traditional Christmas Green.  So, in anticipation, here are design ideas for your holiday table and tree.  Be sure to bookmark or pin them…I know it’s hot outside but Christmas is only 6 months away!

create a fab holiday table with green, brown and retro place settings



use green, gold and white to create an elegant Christmas tree

design and photos by Kelly Porter

No Ordinary Christmas Colors

As the holidays draw nearer, I enjoy discovering creative color ideas for Christmas decorating.  This is the best time of year to bring unexpected colors into your home, and experiment with non-traditional holiday hues.   In doing so, you may find the perfect palette to keep around in the new year.  This post includes some of my favorite combos so far this season.




I’m recycling this one!

This is my living room last year, but I have since painted that room turquoise, so I’m doing the blue thing in there this Christmas.  But I absolutely LOVE these candy colors and will probably put up another tree somewhere else in my house so I can use these ornaments again!

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Christmas In July

Christmas is less than five months away!  And you know what that means….It’s time for Color Sizzle’s Christmas In July!


I know…Christmas seems like a long way off, but it’s never too early to plan your holiday color scheme.  Get ahead of the crowd with colorful ideas, and when you do start to see decorations springing up in the stores, you’ll know exactly what to grab without having to think about it.  After all, nothing is worse than being caught like a reindeer in the headlights when you first catch a glimpse of those enticing Christmas displays at Target or Hobby Lobby.

I’ll be posting more color schemes as the holiday season get’s closer!

inspiration photos:  smugmug; easyliving