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Keepin’ It Fresh: How To Decorate With Green Accents

green and gray design by kelly porter

green and gray design by kelly porter

The best way to freshen up your space is with a new hue.  But that doesn’t mean you have to go through the hassle of painting.  Sometimes less is more.  And introducing a new accent color may be all you need to do.  It’s easier and less expensive than paining an entire room.  Not only that, but using an accent gives you the ability to safely add a more daring color that you would not want painted on the walls.  Or it just gives you the chance to try a new color that you haven’t used before.

fresh greens

Green is one of my favorite colors to use as an accent.  Not the deep emeralds or pine greens.  I like the slightly lighter, warmer greens.  Think of how the leaves look in early spring.  They haven’t fully developed so their color is lighter and not as pronounced as late-summer leaves.  Know what I mean?  This green can easily transform into a neutral, so it looks great with a variety of other background colors, such as a deep gray (shown above in my dining room).  Take a look at these other examples:

turquoise and green via

turquoise and green via

orange and green via hgtv

orange and green via hgtv

lavender and green via

lavender and green via

amber and green design by kelly porter

amber and green design by kelly porter

It’s very easy to add in green (or any other accent color for that matter) with throw pillows, chic lamps or side chairs:


via tumblr

kristen rivoli via

kristen rivoli via

via laurie gorelick interiors

via laurie gorelick interiors

Or create drama with long, luxurious curtains.

And don’t overlook the bathroom.  There is no shortage of pretty wallpapers and these days, many styles are removable.  Or you can just include a few accessories for around the sink.

Green represents nature, newness and wealth.  Who wouldn’t want to be surrounded with that?

Green and Gray

Green and Gray have a lot in common.

'my first apartment' book

‘my first apartment’ book

The spelling of both colors begin with “GR,” but the similarities go way beyond that.  Green and Gray are both abundant in nature representing both vegetation and stone respectively, so they look and feel natural.  Green and gray are also very easy on the eyes, which is why these colors are popular among homeowners.

customnurseryart blog

customnurseryart blog



It’s important to note that yellow-greens are way more energetic than true or blue-greens. So, chartreuse is not going to feel as serene as pine green, and it will not match the calmness of gray.  But.  Yellow-green still has an organic quality to it, and it actually complements gray very well.



And if you’re a fan of leafy, grassy greens you can easily create a soothing, stress-free room by pairing these true greens with a cool or pale gray.

Whether you like lime green, emerald or something in between, any type of green will work with gray.  With this color combo, you just can’t go wrong.

Amethyst and Gold

purple and gold room


I’m feeling a bit regal today, so I wanted to share a color combo that includes my favorite hue {pale purple} and the most royal of colors — gold.

gold powder room

{a lilac bathroom with gold fixtures via}

Whether you call it amethyst, lavender or lilac, pale purple captured my heart when I was very young and I haven’t outgrown it.  It is a feminine, magical color that just speaks to me.  So, if you’ve always thought that pale purple was just for little girls, I’d like to change your mind.  This delicate purple actually looks very grown up when paired with neutrals like brown, gray, silver and of course, gold.

bhg lavender beds

{pretty lavender twin beds via}

gold tub

{a gold bathtub fit for a queen via caribbeanlivingblog}

living room_tumblr

{a living room with amethyst accents and gilded picture frames via tumblr}

lavender wallpaper in bathroom

{lavender patterned wallpaper with a great gold mirror via}

amethyst bedroom

{an amazing amethyst bedroom via}

Each of these rooms has some sort of fantasy element to it.  Don’t you agree?  I think that’s because amethyst is such a day-dreamy color and gold is so ritzy.  When you put the two together, these colors create a look that is filled with endless imagination fit for ‘girls’ of all ages.

Color Scheme Idea: Gray and Red

Gray is still holding steady as the neutral you need now.

gray and red living room


It took a while before I became a fan of gray {it seemed so drab at first} but I’ve come to love it’s versatility and I’ve enjoyed helping many of my clients select the perfect gray paint colors for their homes.  I also chose gray for my own dining room and I’m so happy I did.  I love a gray room best when it’s graced with a stand-out accent color, and out of all the hues that go so well with gray, my favorite is RED.

gray dining with red chairs


gray and red living room

{brian patrick flynn}

Gray and Red go together so naturally.  I think this is true because these two colors really do complement each other.  All by itself gray can appear cold, reserved and tranquil.  On the other hand red is hot, sexy and exciting.  When these colors are paired together, each one gets some of what the other color has.  It’s a match made in color heaven.

gray dining room by kelly porter


chandelier red crystal

gray and red room


red beds2


gray room


Many grays are achromatic {void of color} like black and white.  But some grays do have blue, purple or green undertones…and that is what makes it such a great, all-around neutral.  Just be mindful of these varying undertones when you’re choosing a gray paint color.  Other than that, trust me when I say…you have a room in your home that wants to be gray.

Color Trend Alert: Denim Blue

blue living room

Denim is one of the biggest fashion trends for Spring 2013.  That’s funny because denim jeans and jackets are such a classic…I live in my blue jeans!  However, this year’s trend focuses on wearing denim in creative and retro ways:

denim fashion trend

denim nail polish

No matter how you wear it, denim clothing is super versatile.  You can dress it up or down but it’s always comfortable and chic.  That’s why it works for almost every outfit, and that’s what makes denim blue a great color choice for any room in your home.

blue dining room



tfairley blue living room


Just like wearing jeans, using a denim wall color or accessories in your home will make your room feel relaxed, even if the overall decor is formal.

denim dining chairs

{architectural digest}

demin blue home decor

{Above:  denim delights — includes pillow covers from}


{trailer park gypsy}

A denim-blue and gold color scheme is elegant without looking too stuffy.  A room with a denim and gray color palette feels modern and casual.

blue and gray room


blue kitchen chairs


Denim blue works with any design style — country, traditional, modern, anything.  It’s a color that is very easy on the eyes, and because denim was a hot hue on the Spring fashion runways, it’s only a matter of time before we’ll see it popping up more in home design.