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Choosing A Color: Emerald

Emerald has been a much talked about color lately.

emerald paint color

It is Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2013, and we are also getting close to St. Patrick’s Day.  Other than the fact that my name is Kelly, I’m nowhere near to being Irish but to those of you who are — Happy Celebrating!

green in a room


green headboard


Emerald is a true green.  Unlike pine or sea greens which have strong blue undertones, or chartreuse which is heavily influenced by yellow, Emerald is the perfect 50-50 balance of blue and yellow.  That makes it a very rich, saturated hue that always makes a statement.  Painting a room with Emerald can be scary because it is such a strong color, but if you’re brave enough the result is a space that is refreshing and regal.

paint a room green


green stairs


For a glam color scheme, pair Emerald with black, white, brown or gray.  For a more casual, playful look, add other vibrant colors to Emerald like fuchsia, orange, purple or turquoise.

green bedroom

{via pinterest}

green living room


Adding just small “statement” touches of Emerald is a very sophisticated way to create a focal point:

paint your deskgreen desk


 paint your door

green front door


Here are four of my favorite Emerald paint picks.  Give one a try!

emerald paint picks by kelly porter

Black And White Rooms

Why did I write a post about Black and White rooms on a blog called Color Sizzle?

ca homeanddesign


You all know that I’m crazy for color.  Black and white is achromatic — meaning void of color — so what gives?  Well, I’m always moved by color, but I also love contrast. Sometimes, it’s the contrast in a room that speaks louder than anything else.  And a black and white ‘color’ scheme creates the most powerful contrast of all.

black and white room


black room with white sofa


Black and white is not only visually striking, but it’s also a classic look {think Art Deco} that has real staying power {like Modern Glam}.  Black and white is tried and true when other trends have come and gone.

kelly wearstler_bathroom




Another plus with this achromatic ‘color’ scheme is that you can add any other color or pattern to it, and it always works.  That’s good news for those ADD types {like myself} who get bored easily and want to change things up a bit.

martha stewart


black curtains in white room


black white and gray bedroom


black and white bedroom

Although, there is no real color with the Black and White combination, this duo offers a ton of energy, {from the contrast} balance, and the presence of perfect harmony…sort of like Ebony and Ivory…and maybe that’s the next best thing to color.

Color Scheme: Shades of Coffee

Do you start your day with a cup of coffee?  I do!  But even if you don’t, it’s hard to resist the warm, cozy color of all things coffee.


Whether it’s the lighter shades of mocha and latte or the darker tones of espresso and cappuccino, coffee colors are trending these days.  And they look and feel even better this time of year when the weather starts to turn cooler and the landscape appears more brown.

{buffington homes via houzz}

I guess you could say that these earth tones are just different shades of beige but that sounds so un-cool.  After all, beige is boring.  Coffee colors are — wait for it — stirring.

Not too long ago, brown was the hottest neutral on the planet before it was upstaged by gray.  Brown is still around, and one current trend is to pair it with vibrant colors as shown in this dining room by Tobi Fairley:

But more often I’m seeing brown combined with different variations of itself.  That is the ‘shades of coffee’ color scheme.  I like it because it’s classic, very easy on the eyes and it’s very easy to bring other colors into the mix.

{traditional home}

{bedroom photo above from}

Coffee colors are very easy to incorporate into your home because you don’t have to rely on paint.  Go for a leather sofa or chairs, stained wood furniture and cabinets and woven window shades.


You can also install a dark wood flooring, stained planked ceiling or play up that exposed brick wall.

{buffington homes}

{jim howard}

{bauhaus via houzz}


…And even though yellow seems to be a color that wouldn’t pair well with mocha or latte, the bedroom shown above proves that this color scheme can work really well.  So, if you’re ready to brew up a shade of coffee in your room, I hope you now have fresh ideas to get started.

Make Summer Last With A Pop Of Yellow

If summer is your favorite season you’ve got a little more time to soak up the warmth of the sun’s yellow rays…

…And if yellow if your favorite color, now is the time to add it to your home so that you can enjoy a bit of warm sunshine during those chilly fall and winter days {photo above from olivebranchinteriors}.


Back in January, I wrote a post about Yellow being the color to watch this year.  Yellow was very popular this year — especially as an accent color.  Many people were using yellow for a pop of color rather than to paint an entire room with it, but I love to use it either way.  Yellow makes a home feel casual and comfortable, and it makes us feel cheerful.  What more could you ask for in a color?

{kitchen photo from drastic-plastic}

{I love yellow and navy — a classic color scheme that is always on trend.  Photo by eclecticlivinghome.}

{Stencil your stairs with a vibrant shade of canary yellow!  I love how different patterns were used here.  Photo by houseandhome.}

{Totally glam..and painting a mirror frame is very easy!  Photo from houseandhome}

Christmas Colors Preview

I know…it’s only August but Christmas will be here before you know it.  So, take a quick break from the Olympics and back-to-school planning, and check out some colors that I think we’ll be seeing this year.

Bright, vibrant colors have been trending in 2012 and I think that will continue into the holiday season.  So, this color scheme — Tannenbaum Twist  — reflects these eye-catching hues with…you got it…a twist.  What’s the twist?  I’m so glad you asked!  The twist makes an expected color unexpected.  It’s a color’s undertone that gives it an edgy, curious look — which I love because I’m all about doing something different and fun.  Here’s the breakdown:

Wasn’t that fun?  I hope this sneak peek gave you something to keep in the back of your mind for the next few months (and of course, I’ll post more Christmas colors later this fall).  Now, back to reality and your regular scheduled programming…

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