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Bohemian Style

If you love color, pattern, vintage and thrift store finds, and you’re perfectly OK with imperfection, then you’ll love the bohemian style.

{house of deva}

Like many fans of the boho style, I love that it’s relaxed and looks lived in.  It’s a style that’s all about comfort and personal expression, which is why bohemian decor is always so colorful.  And forget about matchy-matchy!  The goal here is to use items that don’t necessarily go together — as if you’ve picked up pieces along your travels.


{google images}

You can create a beautiful bohemian table for the holidays or any celebration just by mixing and matching chairs and/or dinner plates.  And create a colorful chandelier by adding colored crystals to your existing fixture.  Photo below from

The bohemian style is also defined by rich pattern, texture and multi-cultural fabrics.

{kathryn ireland}

{lovely boheme}


{casa sugar}

The best thing about bohemian is that there are no rules.  Just have fun and let your creative side shine through.

Add Velvet Furniture to your Color Scheme

I’m really loving velvet furniture right now.


Velvet’s rich texture looks great in any setting — glam, traditional or modern.  And when it comes to color, velvet just seems to bring out the best in any hue.  Colored velvet looks so delicious, and I love that is has an iridescent quality to it.

{the lennoxx}

If you’re not sure about using this fabric, rest assured.  Today’s velvet is not your grandparent’s velvet.  Wait!  In some cases, it is!  Retro velvet pieces are in demand because they create such a chic eclectic feel when paired with current pieces (and remember…everything old is new again).  Still skeptical?  Check out these velvety photos.  You may be surprised:


{apartment therapy}



{cornerstone interiors via houzz}


Color Trend: Black And Bright

Black rooms {and black accent walls} have been gaining in popularity over the past couple of years.

{Porter House Designs}

Black walls have been on a slow ride to the top, and with good reason:  It’s a bold choice.  Plain and simple.  Black was my first choice when I recently re-styled my sitting room {shown above}.  I painted just one accent wall and left the other ones crimson, at the request of my husband.  Even painting one wall black was a bit scary…

…but I love it!  Using black is very tricky.  Unless your room gets a ton of natural light, has ample artificial lighting or is open to other rooms — I strongly suggest painting just one accent wall.  Yes, this is where an accent wall really makes sense.  Otherwise, you’ll end up with an extremely dark room.

Some designers like to use white furniture and fabrics in black rooms.  That’s OK, but I think using bright, vivid colors looks much better and it’s way more fun!  In my sitting room, I used my red chairs, and brought in splashes of orange, pink, yellow and wasabi green.

Here are a collection of other black rooms that I love:

{mix and chic}

{casa sugar}

{hgtv canada}

{vanessa and valentine}



{the style files}

If you decide to paint a black room or wall, here’s an important tip:  Unless your room is very low-traffic — meaning no one will ever go in there — do not use a flat finish.  Black paint in a flat finish is like a chalkboard.  You will not be able to even brush up against the wall without a smudge showing.  For the best results, use either a high-quality, cleanable matte or satin finish.  And bold as it may be, you’ll love having a black space in your home!

Purple Spaces To Swoon Over

I can never let too much time go by before I write a post about purple!

{house of anais}

As many of you know, my favorite colors are lavender, plum and every tint and shade in between.  I’m always looking for a reason to love on purple.

So, to celebrate the design of my new blog header I’m sharing a fun collection of purple spaces.  Purple people, enjoy!





{I’m obsessed with this tile!  Photo by decorativehomeinterior.}





What’s Hot Now: Ceramic Garden Stools

Ceramic garden stools are one of my favorite design accessories right now, and they’re sizzling hot, too!




You see these stools everywhere — in magazines, catalogs and on design websites.  Designers love them, and if you’ve had your eye on one, read on for some good news at the end of this post!


I love these stools not only because they come in tons of delicious colors and patterns, but they also have multiple uses:  an end table, coffee table, ottoman, nightstand, plant stand, and of course, a sitting stool for indoors or out.

{instant interiors}


I’ve wanted one for my dining room but just never got around to buying it.  So imagine my surprise when I was asked to do a product review for ATG Stores! After browsing through ATG’s several on-line shops, I found the perfect reddish-orange stool {below} at

Just the color I was looking for!  It looks terrific in my dining room…

…but it also adds the perfect pop of color outside in my garden.

So, my delimma is deciding where to put it.  That’s the bad news {if that’s really considered bad}.  The good news is, I’m partnering with ATG Stores to offer you a fantastic giveaway, which I will announce in my next post!  So, if you’ve been looking at a ceramic garden stool…or a lamp, or area rug, or bedding, or something else that’s really hot…stay tuned!