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Children’s Easter Table

When planning your Easter gathering, don’t forget the little guests.

I designed this colorful table setting especially for the kids because they love having a place of their own.   With splashes of primary colors, orange and a tiny touch of pink, this Easter Table is fun, bright and simple to create.  A pedestal-bowl {a thrift store find} filled with dyed eggs makes a great focal point for this setting.

For the place cards, I took a photograph of one of the melamine plates {from Target}, minimized it and typed each child’s name over top. Then, I inserted each card into a small tray filled with gumballs.

The plastic ‘candy carrots’ are filled with jellybeans {Wal-Mart}.

And, of course, extra jellybean jars are always appreciated.

Great colors and sweet treats are always the perfect recipe for a children’s table.

Design and photos by Kelly Porter of Porter House Designs

Put A Bow On It: Simple Spring Centerpieces

It’s that time of year when I share ideas for Spring Centerpieces!  This time around I decided to use a ‘gift’ theme.

Some things just naturally go together.  I happen to think flowers and bows make a pretty pair.

Making bows from ribbon is inexpensive and easy yet they add so much flair to the simplest of flower arrangements.  Wrap it all up using an unexpected ‘gift box’ for a container and you’re in business.

For this ‘gift’ centerpiece, I used a box covered with ivory capiz shells that I purchased from HomeGoods. I placed the hydrangeas in a drinking glass filled with water before putting the whole arrangement into the box.

Blue hydrangeas are some of my favorite flowers.  Just a few of these big, fluffy blossoms are needed for a robust display.  Just beware — beauty aside — cut hydrangeas are fussy and may not last more than a day.  So, if you use them, prepare your arrangement the day of your event.

Yellow daffodils are also some of my faves, and in my quest to find a unique way to arrange them in a gift box I came across this:

Perfect!  A ceramic gift box complete with a yellow ribbon and bow on top.  Did I mention that I found this at the thrift store?  Time to snip a small bunch of daffies from the yard:

Although the ceramic box was a fortunate find, there are many other ways to create a gift-theme centerpiece.  I’ll share a couple more ideas later in the season.