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Color Trend Alert: Denim Blue

blue living room

Denim is one of the biggest fashion trends for Spring 2013.  That’s funny because denim jeans and jackets are such a classic…I live in my blue jeans!  However, this year’s trend focuses on wearing denim in creative and retro ways:

denim fashion trend

denim nail polish

No matter how you wear it, denim clothing is super versatile.  You can dress it up or down but it’s always comfortable and chic.  That’s why it works for almost every outfit, and that’s what makes denim blue a great color choice for any room in your home.

blue dining room



tfairley blue living room


Just like wearing jeans, using a denim wall color or accessories in your home will make your room feel relaxed, even if the overall decor is formal.

denim dining chairs

{architectural digest}

demin blue home decor

{Above:  denim delights — includes pillow covers from}


{trailer park gypsy}

A denim-blue and gold color scheme is elegant without looking too stuffy.  A room with a denim and gray color palette feels modern and casual.

blue and gray room


blue kitchen chairs


Denim blue works with any design style — country, traditional, modern, anything.  It’s a color that is very easy on the eyes, and because denim was a hot hue on the Spring fashion runways, it’s only a matter of time before we’ll see it popping up more in home design.

Choosing A Color: Tantalizing Teal

When New York Fashion Week wrapped up a couple of weeks ago, Teal was one color that created a buzz.

{Designs by Tracy Reese; Betsey Johnson; Prabal Gurung}

Typically, the color teal is a medium to deep blue-green. Teal has started appearing in home decor as a slightly different and deeper alternative to the ever-popular turquoise.


Teal is such a great, relaxing paint color for your home — especially for those of you who prefer richer hues.  Teal is serene but not washed out.  I love pairing it with contrasting hues such as red, pink, yellow, orange and warm-green.


{living etc}

{elle decor}

{house of turquoise}


{cuppitycake blog}

{kendall wilkinson}

Other yummy take-away colors from New York Fashion Week – Spring 2011 {from Pantone}:

{Glad to see that Lavender is included, too!}

Choosing A Color: Gold

Tyra Banks recently posed for a photo shoot in honor of the late fashion designer Alexander McQueen.

“McQueen was considered royalty in the fashion community,” Tyra wrote on her website. So she decided to transform herself, head-to-toe, into a queen.

{What an adorable princess!}

I was very inspired by the regal outfits, especially the gold accents.  It reminded me of the gold trend that is slowly making its way through the interior design world.  Unlike the trend of the past, this new gold rush is less gaudy and more refined; a little less shiny and more polished satin — definitely an accent and paint color trend to watch.

{The two spaces above are in a Renaissance-inspired home located in Singapore.  Designer Stanley Tham.}

{home interior design}



{google images}

{satin gold fixture from Kohler}

{home interior design}

{the decorista}

{lighting catalog}


{OK…so maybe this one is a little over the top!  From}

Have you been seeing gold?  Will you add it to your color scheme?

This Year’s Purple Trend

Turquoise has been declared Color of the Year, but so far it seems Purple Reigns.  Join me, as I take you on a tour to the many different faces, places and products where Purple has been seen:

zoe kravitz_instyle

The color Purple has been spotted everywhere:  in fashion, home accessories, magazines, advertisements and make-up collections, as the beautiful Zoe Kravitz shows us here {photo from InStyle; Fancy Pancy eyeshadow from Sephora}.

{Red Carpet Fashion Awards}

There were 1-2-3-4-5 celebrities who donned pretty Purple dresses at the Golden Globe Awards in January.  In addition, Michelle Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden all sported the color at the President’s State of the Union Address last month.

Picture 6

Coach has a lovely new spring collection of handbags that features a fun mix of Purples in a variety of shades and tints.

my coach bag

On the decorating front, there are plenty of Purple pleasures available for our homes this year.


{Neiman Marcus}

Picture 8

{Area rugs from Macy’s}

purple pillows{from Target and Bliss Living Home}

Purple is a great color for your home because, in it’s truest form, it is a perfect balance of warm {red} and cool {blue}.  For a little variation try a wine-colored plum for even more warmth, or a blue-periwinkle for a touch of cool.


{Murano Imports}

Purple chandeliers and Purple chandelier earrings are both very chic right now.  I love the Murano glass chandelier, but the earrings fit into my budget so much better.



If you’re searching for a new fragrance, Halle Berry’s new perfume gives you the chance to sport a Purple-y scent.


{wal mart}

From violet to plum to lavender, fashion designers have shown their Purple pride on the runway.  If you want to know what will be hot in home design, keep your eye on fashion trends.

Picture 7

{Tracy Reese Spring 2010, photo by}


{Rachel Roy Fall 2010, photo from NY Mag}

Picture 15


Venus and Serena Williams’ new ad campaign for Nabisco is positively Purple.



…And finally, at our last stop we come full-circle with another show of Purple make-up.  This time from MAC Cosmetics Spring 2010 Colour3 {Plum} Forecast Collection.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this ‘tour’ as much as I enjoyed putting it together.  I love many colors, but purple is my favorite.  However, I’m looking forward to seeing what other colors will stand out this year.  When I find out, I’ll let you know!

Color It Coral

Decorating with the color coral can be tricky, but don’t let that stop you from using this delightful color in your home.

coral room

{southern accents}

Somewhere in between orange and red, coral is a warm, crisp color that will brighten your space and work well with a variety of other hues.  Also referred to as salmon, peach, apricot and melon, coral can range from a vibrant reddish-pink to a soft terra cotta.



Coral is often associated with tropical or coastal interiors, and for that reason many people are hesitant to use it.  It actually is one of the colors of coral reef as well as the inside of some sea shells, but don’t confine this color to the beach.  Coral is also the color of the sky at dawn and dusk.  In fact, I once specified coral for a client’s bedroom tray-ceiling after being inspired by a brilliant peachy-pink sunrise.  They absolutely loved it!

coral sofa


{washington spaces — design by Barbara Hawthorn}

Because coral pulls from both red and orange, you’ll get the benefits of each color which results in a warm, romantic, energizing, and cheerful space.  Another added plus:  people look better in coral spaces.  The rosiness of this color is very flattering to all skin tones and will add a youthful glow to your complexion.  Who wouldn’t want that?


{msn lifestyle}


{matters of style}

When using coral, you can create a dramatic space by adding complementary colors such as green or teal.  These two hues appear across from coral {red-orange} on a color wheel and will give you the most impact.  For a more serene feel, create an analogous color scheme by adding colors that lie next to coral on the color wheel, such as a lavender-pink or saffron.  You can also use neutrals such as chocolate brown, tan or gray.  To create a modern space, add a dose of white furnishings.


{Kelley Proximire}


{interior design}

Some people think coral is a very feminine color, and they find using it a challenge when considering the tastes of a husband or boys.  However, if you select a shade that has more of an orange undertone, it can turn out to be a great, cheery color that satisfies everyone.


{remodeling center}


{decorating with lace}

I might also add that the color coral makes a stunning fashion statement, as shown here by First Lady {and fashion trend-setter} Michelle Obama:

{blog prospect}

Picture 5

Coral really is a versatile color and it can add a unique vibe to your home {and your wardrobe}.  Experiment with different shades {such as my suggested colors below from Sherwin-Williams} to find out how coral can fit into your design style.

{Top, l-r:  Ardent Coral, Smoky Salmon, Avid Apricot, Dishy Coral; Bottom l-r:  Peach Blossom, Sunset, Quite Coral}

One last photo — an awesome coral/peach sunset taken from my cell phone camera in the Wal Mart parking lot the other evening:

sunset_taken by kporter

{God does it best}