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Pink and Gray Craft Room

Today’s post tells the story behind one of my recent projects.

craft room design by

Not long ago I had the pleasure of working with Jayme, who lives in the Baltimore area.  She contacted me because she needed help designing a craft room for her two, adorable little girls — Skylar and Hayden.

When I visited Jayme’s home, she showed me a large space that was already dedicated to the girls’ playthings and craft supplies.  But the girls were beginning to outgrow many of their toys, and the space needed storage, organization and a fresh new look.




Jayme wanted the new craft room to have a fun, finished look that the girls could grow with — something that was “more sophisticated than cute.”   She also wanted a space that would allow the girls to do their homework, in addition to crafting and playing. Taking all of that into consideration, I created a DIY Design Plan that included this Design Board and Rendering:

craft room design ideas

craft room rendering by kelly porter

After receiving her plan, Jayme wasted no time with implementing the design.  The result is a craft room that is sophisticated, streamlined and stunning — if I do say so myself.

craft room furniture


pink and gray craft room by kelly porter

The room is very long {over 20 feet} but it is also narrow, so using a vibrant wall color would have overwhelmed the space, especially with the bright overhead lighting.  The solution was to use a subtle color on the walls {Evening Shadow by Sherwin-Williams} and a more savory hue {In the Pink by SW} on the expansive ceiling.  This also brought a fun ‘wow factor’ to the room.  Jayme did a great job of clearing out the space by giving away many of the toys and books.  This made room for two new desks {from IKEA} where the girls can work on projects and do homework.  For the girls’ names above each desk, we used custom vinyl lettering from

desk with pink chair

The plan also included dress-up stations.

craft room organization

Design Tip:  Hanging costumes on wall hooks allows for easy access and also adds colorful ‘wall art’ to the space.

dress up area_craft table

The ebony stained desk was the only piece of furniture that stayed in the new craft room.  Jayme bought it from IKEA a while back, and it has held up well.  It’s also long enough so both girls can pull up a chair and work on craft projects together.  And did you notice the paper towel dispenser on the wall?  Jayme’s husband thought of that, and I must admit it was a great idea!

craft room work desk

Storage and organization were also a big part of this design.  The room already had built-in shelves, so it was just a matter of finding containers that would work the best and fit on the shelves.  Jayme decided on the Smart Store totes from




storage by the container store

We also brought in another great piece from IKEA that provides additional storage for items of different sizes.




IKEA storage

{TROFAST storage from IKEA}

craft room storage

Jayme says that the girls love the new craft room and they are spending a lot of time in their new space…which makes mom and dad very happy.  Now, that’s music to my ears!

craft room by kelly porter

If you have any questions about this design, or if your room needs a new look and you’d like to become a client {eDesign services are available}, contact me at

Children’s Easter Table

When planning your Easter gathering, don’t forget the little guests.

I designed this colorful table setting especially for the kids because they love having a place of their own.   With splashes of primary colors, orange and a tiny touch of pink, this Easter Table is fun, bright and simple to create.  A pedestal-bowl {a thrift store find} filled with dyed eggs makes a great focal point for this setting.

For the place cards, I took a photograph of one of the melamine plates {from Target}, minimized it and typed each child’s name over top. Then, I inserted each card into a small tray filled with gumballs.

The plastic ‘candy carrots’ are filled with jellybeans {Wal-Mart}.

And, of course, extra jellybean jars are always appreciated.

Great colors and sweet treats are always the perfect recipe for a children’s table.

Design and photos by Kelly Porter of Porter House Designs

Bohemian Bedrooms For Girls

With a fun mix of colors and cultures, creating a Bohemian Bedroom could be the perfect way to bring out your child’s unique personality.


Bohemian spaces are a blend of modern, vintage and global-ethnic furnishings. This look is casual, free flowing and can take your child beyond the expected design boundaries.


As our world “grows smaller,” tribal textiles and other ethnic accents are becoming the focus of the boho style. This gives us the opportunity to teach our children about other cultures, countries and traditions.


Color is also an important element to this style. Vibrant hues such as pink, red, green, purple and sapphire can be paired with calming earth tones to create a balanced and pretty color scheme.


Also, don’t forget the art of display. Jewelry, hair accessories and favorite clothing items can be artfully arranged and hung on pretty hooks or hangers.


{top photo – design by Fawn Galli}

Brightly Colored Kid’s Rooms

boys room_kporter

Today, over at Design Dazzle, I’ve blogged about Brightly Colored Bedrooms for Kids – a fun subject that sometimes makes parents a little nervous:

Picture 5

I often have the pleasure of working with kids and teens to help them select colors for their bedrooms {such as the boys room pictured at the top}.  I’ve also come to realize that children will choose the brightest colors known to mankind, because they are naturally attracted to these types of hues.  In fact, studies have shown that children usually respond to bright colors in a positive way.


So, how do you make sure that your child’s energetic color palette doesn’t send them into overdrive?  You need balance and compromise.  Click Here to view this entire post and find out more!

photos:  Porter House Designs; Design Dazzle; digsdigs

Colorful Painted Stripes

This colorful space is not only a lesson in patience {tons of taping-off I’m sure}, but it demonstrates how color can be creative as well as re-created…


…In this boy’s room, designer Karen Harris used the striped lamp shades as inspiration for the painted wall treatment.  The colorful stripes fill this room with loads of energy and excitement, but I also appreciate the red space above the headboard and the white bedding, as these two elements help to quiet down all of the action.  Love it!

photo from purecontemporary