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Kitchen Color: Dark Tones

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I’m not a fan of kitchens that are overwhelmingly white — white cabinets, walls, countertops, backsplashes, everything.  Some would say this is a ‘clean and classic’ look, but I say this type of decor appears sterile, and lacks the warmth that a kitchen should have (there’s a reason it’s called the ‘heart of the home’).  I like kitchens the way I like my coffee — earthy and dark.

You can still use a white element… say, marble countertops…and achieve a warm feel by mixing them up with darker cabinets.  Using a combination of dark and light cabinets will also work very well.

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Choose a mid to dark-tone stain, like espresso or be bold and paint your cabinets with a high-gloss black. If you still prefer lighter cabinets, go for a warm gray or off-white — as opposed to stark white:

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Your kitchen should feel comfortable and inviting, just like a restaurant.  Ambiance is the key!

Color For Your Kitchen

With Thanksgiving and the holiday season quickly approaching, this is the time of year when many people start to focus on their kitchens.

After all, when family and friends visit for the holidays, the kitchen usually becomes the hot spot where everyone gathers.  Gone are the days when we only prepared our meals there.  The kitchen is now where we entertain.  So, this space should be stylish and comfortable.  If your budget {or schedule} doesn’t allow for a major renovation, don’t panic…just paint!  A new color in your kitchen can instantly update and rejuvenate.  I’ve been updating my kitchen {shown above} slowly, over time.  Two years ago, just before the holidays, I re-painted it using two colors:  Canyon Clay from Sherwin Williams and Toffee Cream from Benjamin Moore:

A fresh coat of paint will do wonders for your walls or cabinets.  I chose warm, earth-tones but these days any color goes!  Below are photos of colorful kitchens I love.  At the end of this post, I’ve given you other budget/time friendly design ideas for your kitchen.  Enjoy!









Other cost-saving tips for a beautiful kitchen:
  • Remove old, fussy window treatments.  If privacy isn’t an issue, let your windows go bare or purchase simple shades for a new, clean look.
  • Update your lighting fixtures.  If you’re still living with basic, builder’s-grade fixtures, it may be time to switch to more stylish, updated ones.
  • Bring in colorful accessories such as vases, chargers and platters.  You can often find vintage china pieces in thrift stores and antiques shops.
  • Add artwork.  If you’ve got extra wall space, hang a colorful piece of artwork.  You can even frame your kid’s artwork to add a personal touch.
Tips that may cost a little more:
  • Install new flooring.  Or, if your hardwood flooring has seen better days, have it refinished.
  • Install a backsplash.  Mix in a few decorative tiles with less expensive ceramic or stone tiles.

Subtle Kitchen Color

As much as I love to blog about bold colors, today is an exception.  I’ve just visited one of my clients to see her newly remodeled kitchen, and it is gorgeous.  Not that I would’ve expected anything less.  This client has impeccable taste.  While consulting with me about design ideas for updating her kitchen, one of her concerns was how to spruce up her cabinets.  Although in great condition, the color was not to her liking. The solution:  a decorative paint finish (by the Valley Craftsmen).  Only new cabinets were purchased (in a darker finish) for the new, expanded island.  Other elegant extras include iron hardware, quartz countertops, new lighting fixtures and tile flooring.  I love the tiled ‘area rug.’  The kitchen’s palette of warm beiges, reddish browns and black is very sophisticated and full of texture.  Subtle colors, but a lot of ‘Wow!’