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7 Spring Color Schemes {inspired by México}

ocean cabana2 color scheme

Hola, color lovers!  I’m just getting back from a vacation in México.  My husband and I got some much needed R&R in the Riviera Maya, a beautiful resort area on the Yucatán Peninsula.  We spent much of our time at the beach, and we also toured the town of Puerto Morelos.  Mexico is such a colorful, vibrant country so I found tons of color ideas to share with you — just in time for spring painting!  In this post, I’ve curated seven color schemes.  I hope you see something that you’d like to try in your home this year!

pink house color scheme

sailboat color scheme

violet entry color scheme

blue beach color scheme

sun and moon_color scheme

We went on a bike tour in and around Puerto Morelos, a bustling beach town.  My husband and I rode on a tandem bike and he was the “driver,” so I was able to snap pictures as we rode along.  Unfortunately, many of my pictures came out blurry but I did get a few good ones.  The houses were so charming and colorful, and the vegetation was very lush.

pretty flowers color scheme

A few more snapshots from México:

bike tour in Mexico

dressed for dinner

riviera maya cancun resort

As you can tell, we had a great time!  I hope you enjoyed this post and if you want the names of paint colors that closely match any of the inspiration colors, please leave a comment or send me an email at

{Hot! Hot! Hot!} Colores

I don’t know about you, but I’m freezing!  

no www.2.bp.blogspot{bp.blogspot}

The winter here in the Mid-Atlantic region has been frigid and snowy thus far.  So to heat things up a bit I’ve decided to showcase sizzling colors from south of the border.  Caliente!





As a color lover, I totally heart Spanish and Latin American design — an aesthetic marked by hacienda-style architecture and pure, vibrant color that naturally gives you a feeling of warmth.  In Mexico, color is used abundantly.  For centuries, hues have been inspired by the sun, sky, soil, clay and indigenous plants and fruit.  A signature color that you’ll often see in Mexican interiors is called Rosa Mexicano.



{the world effect}

Rosa Mexicano is a very vivid pink that is often paired with orange and yellow.  Other popular color combinations include a mix of red, indigo, violet and mid-tone green.




{the world effect}


{the world effect}

Although these colors are used in a way that is pleasing to the eye, the overall goal of the Mexican color palette is to emphasize the architecture, such as ceiling beams, arches, stairs, shutters and doorways.


{google images}

Colorful Mexican and Talavera tile is also used in a variety of striking combinations.


{apartment therapy}



One more…

ss bungalow_kellyporter

{porter house designs}

You may remember this photo from my ‘House of Paint’ post.  This house is not located in Latin America.  It’s the home of one of my clients, who bravely selected bold colors reminiscent of Guatemala — definitely one of my favorite projects.

Well, I’m feeling much warmer now, and I hope these photos have brought out the color courage in you!

House of Paint

I was recently contacted by a homeowner who lives in Downtown Silver Spring, a revitalized area just north of D.C. known for its colorful outdoor spaces, trendy restaurants and shops.


This client lives in one of the many charming bungalows that sit on quiet streets just beyond the action.  His goal:  to create his own lively space by using bold, festive colors.  Bring the noise!


When I arrived for our color consultation, the homeowner handed me a calendar.  It had gorgeous photos of Guatemala including houses and scenery enveloped in vivid, saturated hues.  We quickly got to work, and a while later we created a palette that included a variety of vibrant colors.


In each room we also painted the ceiling using a lighter tint of the chosen wall color.



This was a really fun project.  Best of all, my courageous client loves how the colors turned out and he’s happy with his home — that’s what it’s all about.

Some of the colors used in this project:


{From Sherwin-Williams: African Violet, Chartreuse, Jalapeno, Julep}

Colorful scenes from downtown Silver Spring {click photos for link}:

silver spring play fountain

silver spring_fidojournalism


bungalow_silver spring_activerain