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A Pop of Purple

Love this space from Baltimore designer Patrick Sutton.


{from Patrick Sutton Interior Design}

The lighting fixture and draperies add just the perfect pop of purple — well, violet really.  Being that I heart any shade of purple, this cozy space has my name {and maybe yours, too} written all over it.



{Violet also makes an appearance in the area rug.  Photos from Home and Design.}

A Light Makeover

Before you get rid of that old ‘candelabra’ lighting fixture, check out this project:


I added a little color and pizazz to an uninteresting, bargain floor lamp by using scrapbooking paper and mini-shades.


candle cover_close_kporter

I simply ‘wrapped’ scrapbooking paper around the candle covers.  I purchased my paper at Michael’s, but you can find scrapbooking paper at any craft store.


Make sure your choice reflects the style of the fixture, as well as your room.  The color can match your existing hues, but it doesn’t have to — especially if you want to introduce a new accent color into your space.


{Mark your paper on the reverse side}

Remove a candle cover from your fixture and use it as a guide to mark and cut your paper to size.  Important: You don’t want to create a fire hazard, so make sure the paper does not touch the light bulb — cut the paper so that it is positioned just below the top of the candle cover.  Wrap your paper around the candle cover, and secure the paper in place with hot glue.


For a finished look, I added a finial.  You can find mini-shades {and finials} at any lighting-supply store or visit  This is an easy way to add just a bit of color to your space, so give it a try!

Green Scene


This room is featured in the new February issue of domino magazine and I absolutely love it!  This space reflects everything that’s hot in the design world right now:  bold graphics, glam Asian-inspired furniture, white accessories and a colorful, eye-catching wall treatment.  With green as the main color, this room has organic, natural qualities.  In contrast, it also has an electrifying appearance thanks to the striped wall featuring shades of pink and black.  The home office pictured below ( is also a great space:


The soothing palette of green and white makes this room a perfect place to work and gather your thoughts.  I also love the open shelves because they don’t break-up the wall color as much.  And just in case you’d like to try out this muted green color in a smaller dose, this Roots floor lamp in green eucalyptus ( would make a gorgeous addition to a room painted in light blue or brown.  Green is a very easy color to live with so don’t be afraid to experiment with it in different ways.


Autumn Lights

Having a fall party?  Nothing creates a festive mood better than specialty lighting.  Greet your guest with these ‘autumn leaf’ string lights (from that you can hang over the front door.  I also love how these ‘yarn ball’ lights (from come in spooky colors — without being so spooky.  Also, if you decide to do some shopping around, you may come across a great find such as this pre-lit tree (below) I scooped up from a local floral design store.  So, if you’re planning a party, think lighting.  It will make your event shine!

pre-lit tree_porterhousedesigns

Purple Presents

My aunt and I share the same favorite color — purple.  Last Christmas I gave her this gorgeous lamp (from  She loves it and even put it in her living room window so it can be seen from the street. Some people think that purple is a “kiddie” color reserved for young girls.  I beg to differ.  Purple is a spiritual color that, for centuries, has been associated with royalty and sophistication.  So, if you love purple but are afraid of painting a purple room, try using it in the form of lighting.  Purple is beautiful when its all lit up.  Especially in a room with paler warm wall colors such as yellow, peach or ivory.  I also love this complimentary chandelier (also from  I wonder if my aunt would like this for her dining room? Hmmm….my Christmas shopping has begun!