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Color Without The Paint

There are so many ways that you can add color to your home, and you don’t even have to paint.


In this space, the ‘wall color’ is acheived by wrapping  a variety of fun fabrics around embroidery hoops.  How cool is that?  The throw pillows and lampshades also provide a terrific dose of mix-and-match color.


And don’t underestimate the power of books as they can be a huge source of color.  Here, I love how the chair’s patchwork fabric ties in with the hues on the bookcase.


If you’re working on a kitchen remodel, consider a colored appliance.  A stove like this canary yellow model by AGA, becomes a great focal point.   For me, nothing beats painted walls…but you can also look beyond the paint can to find creative and stylish ways to live with color.

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Eye Candy

Doesn’t it seem like M&M’s have been around forever?  I just read an article about how they were created during World War II to boost the morale of American troops.  Just another example of how color can cheer us up!   Not to mention the euphoria that comes from eating chocolate.  There will certainly be plenty of M&M’s consumed today.  And no doubt, there will be plenty of parents who will have to wrestle these colorful candies away from their kids before they make themselves sick.  So, today I salute M&M’s — the ultimate, irresistible eye-candy!