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A Pink, Peach and Lilac Affair

One of my favorite event designs caught my eye six years ago.

OK, maybe it’s because I love lilac, but this darling decor still tops my list of faves.  Featured in the Spring/Summer 2004 issue of Receptions from Bride’s magazine, I re-discovered it while flipping through some old publications.

I just think these ribbon-tied flower boxes are so adorable.  What a great centerpiece idea for Mother’s Day, and your flowers don’t have to be expensive — mums and carnations work just fine!

If you’re planning a spring wedding, you certainly can’t beat this delicate color combination —  and check out the cookie favors:

Pretty ideas for the perfect spring celebration {and for those who love purple}!

Pink Flowers

I had planned on posting photos of my pink flower arrangements before Easter, but I ran out of time!  However, I do think pink flowers are perfect for spring occasions such as a baby shower or Mother’s Day {which is coming up on May 9, 2010}.  In fact, I’m sure there are many Moms and Grandmas who would really appreciate a Teacup Tablescape.

Once again I raided the thrift store — where teacups are abundant — and found these lovely cups from Laurel China….but you know me…I had to glam them up a bit so a little bling was in order.

Thanks to adhesive jewels {from Michaels} these vintage teacups now have a contemporary touch.  I then arranged three roses in each teacup, and Viola!

The second design {below} is just a fun, casual mix of seasonal pinks:  snapdragons, tulips and more roses.

My vase is another thrift store find.  Upon closer inspection, you’ll notice more jewels.

If you’ve ever perused the ‘jewelry making’ aisle at the craft store I’m sure you’ve seen an array of beautiful beads and gems.  These items really can turn a centerpiece from ordinary to extraordinary.  Even subtle jewels can add interest and catch your guests’ attention.

Well, I hope you enjoyed my centerpieces this spring.  If you use any of these ideas or come up with your own, I’d love to hear from you and share your creations with Color Sizzle readers!

{One last photo of my office which was overtaken by flowers for several days.  My oldest son, who has allergies, was sneezing like crazy — poor thing.  Oh, how my family puts up with me!}

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The Accessories of Motherhood, Part 2

My Mother’s Day tribute continues…


My mother is a strong, spiritual woman who, time after time, unselfishly gives of herself.  By her actions, she has taught me how to love my own family and give back to the community.  Growing up, my mother kept our home spotless and her favorite color — blue —  can still be found everywhere.


Just like her mother did, my mom has always loved to accessorize.  Even today, her home is embellished with an array of objects.  When I was young, I thought those items were just ‘ordinary things,’ but now I’ve realized that her accessories were thoughtfully selected and placed.


Everything has a special meaning:  ceramic figures given as gifts; items my parents purchased in Europe when they were stationed in Germany; fabulous finds from their travels; my mom’s ever-expanding teapot collection.




Accessories are to the home what jewelry is to an outfit {and my mom has been known to rock an outfit!}.  Accessories should enhance your home but not take away from the existing décor.  They should add a personal touch and even reflect your favorite colors and interests.

blue vase_kporter

I’ve really come to appreciate well-displayed collections.  I must admit that I don’t have a collection of anything…yet.  However, when I do create my display, I will take cues from my mother and grandmother, and I will carefully craft a collection with style, meaning, and a personal touch.


{Mom in Germany, 1956.  She’s always had an incredible ability to accessorize an outfit as well as her home.}

See “The Accessories of Motherhood, Part 1″

The Accessories of Motherhood, Part 1

In honor of Mother’s Day, I pay tribute to my mother, my grandmother and the decorating style that I’ve come to appreciate.


My grandmother, Vivian Victoria Irwin Byers, was born in 1900 in North Carolina.  I didn’t have the opportunity to know her well because she died when I was very young.  However, I’ve always been intrigued by her.  She was a dedicated wife and mother of six children {including my mother}.  She was a dignified woman who played the piano and taught music lessons.  In 1946, my grandparents moved into the Washington, DC row house that would remain in our family for over six decades.  My grandmother decorated her home with an eye for detail and playful accessories.


Amazingly, her collection of kitchen plates and whatnots has remained largely untouched nearly 40 years after she died.  My grandmother purchased these ceramic objects from flea markets and thrift stores. She carefully arranged these items to create a display that reflected her love of all things from the farm.




Now, after 63 years, the row house will soon be put up for sale.  I’ll miss visiting the place that has been a hub for so many family dinners and get-togethers.  But I’m grateful that this home has given me great memories and a strong connection to my family’s history.  I’ve also been fortunate to have received lessons on the art of placement from my grandmother.


{A medallion hangs over the archway leading to the kitchen’s eating area.  This is where my grandmother’s collection of farm trinkets has been for many years.}

grandmothers porch_kporter

{This original vintage outdoor chair has been a staple on the front porch for many years.  There is also a matching bench.}


{This portrait of my grandparents hangs in the dining room.  It was painted by my artist uncle.  My grandfather lived to be 103 years old.}

Coming Soon: Part 2,  My mother’s house