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Photography and Fall Colors

Today I’m featuring pictures that were taken by my terrific twin teenagers.

our street, USA

our street, USA (Nicholson)

My sons, Nicholson (Nick) and Tyson, have become very talented iPhone photographers. So, of course I want to encourage their artistic side.  I thought, what better way to showcase the colors and beauty of fall than to use their photos.  And you can find my Autumn Paint Picks at the end of this post .

leaves and stone (Tyson)

leaves and stone (Tyson)

sky fall (Tyson)

sky fall (Tyson)

the statue at my school (Nicholson)

the statue at my school (Nicholson)

flame (hmm...not sure who took this one)

flame (hmm…not sure who took this one)

Nicholson and Tyson have a birthday in November.  They are my fall babies, so maybe that explains their fascination with this time of year.  They’re great, smart kids and I’m very proud of them!

Tyson and Nick - schoolin'

Tyson and Nick – schoolin’

Nick and Tyson – coolin’

And here are my Awesome Autumn Paint Picks for 2013.  Enjoy!

autumn paint picks by kelly porter

Fall Color Scheme: Orange and Brown

Fall is my favorite season and I’m always inspired by the beautiful, warm colors that emerge this time of year.  I especially love the color combo of orange and brown.

{the lennoxx}

Yesterday, I took this photo of my front yard:

This is ‘peak week’ in my area — a time when the fall colors are at their best.  But today, the DC – Baltimore area is also awaiting the landfall of Hurricane Sandy.  This storm is expected to blow through, cause wide-spread damage, and take the fall colors with it when it leaves.  I’m praying it won’t be as bad as some are saying, but we are preparing, nonetheless.  If you’re in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast corridor, be safe!

I hope the rest of you will have the chance to get out and enjoy the fall colors in your area this week.  And, no matter where you live, if you love warm colors and want to try an orange and brown color scheme at home, here are some very pretty ideas:


{the lennoxx}

{enchanted home}

{bedroom shown above from}



{hi sugarplum}


{cool interiors}

Bathroom With A View

I snapped this photo of my bathroom window to show how outdoor landscaping decisions can affect indoor spaces.

It took a few years, but our Crape Myrtles have grown tall enough to provide us with privacy and an amazing view of big, beautiful  blossoms all summer long.

The sight of seasonal color can do wonders.  Those mornings when I have to drag myself out of bed and into the shower, its really nice to glance out the window and see pretty pink flowers waving in the wind.  It pays to plant with a purpose!

COMING SOON:  An exciting, colorful Giveaway that’s Hotter than July!  Stay tuned!!

Moss Green

Inspired by a patch of moss that has grown at the foot of my steps leading to the backyard, this post explores the beauty and tranquility of nature’s green.



Literally bringing the outdoors in, with this space {designcorner} the designers used dried moss to embellish the walls.  They also created a room divider, as shown below.


{your decorating hotline}

And last, but certainly not least, famed Harlem designer Shelia Bridges’ dining room {ny social diary} boasts soft moss green walls, traditional furnishings and eclectic accessories — making for a very serene and luxurious space.

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Garden Variety Color

If you’ve been following my blog, you know that I often derive color inspiration from nature.

my garden1_kporter

That includes paying close attention to my garden to see what’s blossoming, what’s in full bloom, what’s beginning to turn, and what’s bare.  So, after taking a few photos in the yard today, I created this vibrant paint palette:

picture-7{Colors are from Sherwin-Williams: Radish, Festival Green, Daisy, Invigorate}


orange lilies_kporter

garden sculpture_kporter