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A Word Of Color

Just in case you have a little time on your hands this weekend, may I offer a word of color?


Benjamin Moore has developed a fun on-line tool to promote ben, their new line of paint.  That’s nice, but I like this tool because it can help you to actually identify which colors you’d be comfortable living with.


Every color evokes an emotional response.  Your response is unique to you.  Everyone has a color preference based on their memories, experiences and tastes.


As a color consultant, it’s very important for me to help my clients pinpoint these color preferences.  It’s amazing what people discover about themselves!


In my workshops, I often tell the story of a lady who was adverse to the color yellow because her mother made her wear an “ugly yellow dress” to the prom.  On the other hand, many people see yellow as a hue of hope — a color that casts away anger.


As this tool demonstrates, sometimes we can identify a color we like with just one word, a feeling or both.


My word creation is at the top.  Click Here to try it yourself.  You can create more than one.  Let me know if this post has been helpful to you, and have a fun weekend!

Final Four Inspired Room

Can this NCAA Final Four logo be turned into a room?


Yes indeed!  Remember my Super Bowl XLIII Logo inspired room? Well, my husband challenged me to take another shot {no pun intended} using this year’s NCAA logo.  So, once again using an on-line painting tool, here’s what I came up with.


I created two different scenarios using gray and periwinkle-blue as the dominant wall color.  I really couldn’t decide which one I liked better, so I posted them both.  The gray walls definitely provide a more contemporary, urban feel.  However in this dining room, which has little fabric but very hard lines, the blue walls soften the entire look of the space.  Which room do you like best?


Colors are from Sherwin-Williams: Web Gray, Domino, Venture Violet, Valiant Violet, Dazzle, Frank Blue

Super Bowl Inspired Room

Can this Super Bowl {43} logo be turned into a room?



Wowee!  Just for fun, I  created this color design using an on-line painting tool, as a tribute to the football fans out there.  Go Steelers! {My sister and her family live in Pittsburgh, so I’m lending my support}.  Using a football as inspiration, I added the ceiling color.  I don’t think I would ever use these colors together this way in a room, that is, unless a client insisted.  But this does underscore my motto that inspiration can come from anywhere at any time.  Enjoy the game!

On-line painting tool @

Colors from Benjamin Moore: Traffic Light Green,  Symphony Blue, Neon Red, Strawberry Field