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A New Era of Colors


The Inauguration of President Barack Obama was truly an amazing day in American history.  Being a native Washingtonian, I’ve never seen the city so electrified — powered by two million jubilant people!  And I must say, I’m delighted that we have a family in the White House that loves unique, vibrant colors and wears them well!  So, here’s my “Yes We Did” palette inspired by the colors proudly worn by the Obamas on this historic day (colors by Sherwin-Williams):

Independent Gold and Heartthrob

"Independent Gold" reflects the color of Michelle Obama's day ensemble. This yellow-gold metallic fabric also had a touch of green. "Heartthrob" not only describes President Obama himself, but it was also the color of his tie.


"Frank Blue" was the classic color of Malia's coat, while Sasha wore a fun-loving combination of pink ("Loveable") and orange ("Kid's Stuff")

Other hues of the day included these brightly-colored buttons that volunteers on the National Mall were handing out (  Inaugural Ball invitations and tickets also made a colorful mark on the evening (bottom picture):



top photo of the Obama family from

Michelle Obama’s Yellow-Gold Ensemble


For a few weeks now I’ve been speculating that yellow would be a hot color this year, as the Obamas have given Americans and the world an optimistic outlook about the future.   I asked the question, “Will Michelle Obama wear yellow on Inauguration Day?”  So I’m pleased to just have seen Mrs. Obama wearing a stunning yellow-gold ensemble this morning.  She looks radiant, fired-up and ready to go!  It’s a bright, sunshiny day in Washington, DC!

Photo by

Inauguration Nation

Colorful scenes from my trek to the mall in D.C. this weekend to see the We Are One concert:


Our journey began at the Glenmont subway station in suburban Maryland.  There we were greeted by one of my favorite public art displays — a beautiful, uplifting mosaic tile mural.  I love the different shades of blue and unexpected pops of red.  The photos below tell the story of what we saw downtown:


Colors For The Inaugural Dress

       Carolina Herrera

Carolina Herrera

Lime Rickey

What dress (or dresses) will Michelle Obama wear for the inauguration?  It seems many top designers are eagerly displaying their suggestions for the elegant, soon-to-be First Lady.

Aah, decisions, decisions — but what a wonderful dilemma to have. Who wouldn’t want the nation’s finest designers offering to outfit them in couture?  As you can see by these sketches (all from, Mrs. Obama could have a difficult time deciding, and it could all come down to color.  I’m glad to see such vibrant colors instead of subtle or muted hues.  Plenty of color inspiration here for our own inaugural outfits (I’m still trying to get a ticket) and even our homes.

Here, you’ll find some designer’s sketches and my paint picks from Sherwin Williams.

Isaac Mizrahi

Isaac Mizrahi

Emberglow, Drama Violet & Dragon Fruit

Emberglow, Drama Violet & Dragon Fruit

Tracy Reese

Tracy Reese



Day Ensemble - Diane Von Furstenberg

Day Ensemble – Diane Von Furstenberg

Lemon Twist

Lemon Twist

Michale Kors

Michael Kors

Honorable Blue

Honorable Blue

Visit to see more designer sketches.

Really Cool Bedrooms for Malia and Sasha

This week, Malia and Sasha Obama visited the White House to tour what will be their new bedrooms.  This must be a very exciting time for Malia, 10, and Sasha, 7, but I wonder if the soon-to-be First Kids are also a little nervous, too.  Fortunately, when moving to a new place (even if it’s the White House), nothing erases a child’s jitters faster than having a new room to decorate.  According to a former Chief White House Usher, the girls can decorate anyway they wish — even if they want to paint their bedroom walls fuchsia!  So, of course, I’m more than happy to give my professional color advice.

Now, I don’t know the Obama sisters’ favorite colors, but I can take cues from some of the beautiful outfits they and lovely mom Michelle have worn on the campaign trail.  I’m going with pink, red, black and purple.  My suggestion is to begin with the bedding, such as the pink and black C’est Chic ensemble (top of page) from  Because the tastes of young girls change rather quickly, I would avoid ‘character or celebrity bedding’ (i.e. princess, Betty Boop, Hanna Montana, etc).  Save that for accessories you can easily change. I also love the ensembles pictured below:

Below is an old photo of the East Room in the White House, which will soon belong to one of the incoming First Daughters.

With such high ceilings, I’d choose a warm, youthful wall color such as any of these selections from Sherwin Williams, from left to right:  Cheery, Free Spirit, Hopeful (very appropriately named), and Valentine (great for an accent wall color).

I’m sure whatever colors and patterns that Malia and Sasha choose, their designs will be reflective of their lively personalities (and their mother’s guidance).  It will be so refreshing to have these adorable girls take up residence in the White House.  They remind me a lot of my sister and I when we were that age.  Although my mother would say that the Obama sisters behave better than we did.