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eDesign: A New Look For Birchgrove Baking

There’s only one word I can use to describe my recent eDesign project: Sweet!

Located in Montpelier, Vermont, Birchgrove Baking specializes in custom cakes, pastries and coffee.

I first heard from Jenn a couple of months ago.  As the owners of Birchgrove Baking, she and her husband were trying to decide on a new color scheme.  At that time, the bakery had blue walls, black display cases {left behind from the previous owners} and red accent chairs — all great colors but Jenn was ready for a change.  She wanted friendly hues that would give the bakery a fresh look and appeal to her loyal customers.

After reviewing a few different color palettes that I recommended for the bakery, Jenn ultimately decided on the combination of yellow and gray.  She also threw in a couple of warm blues for accent colors.

The new colors are cheerful, welcoming, and everyone loves the new look.  Jenn says the bakery, which measures just 19′ x 23′, even looks larger.  In a stark contrast from the previous wall color, customers are now greeted with sunny yellow walls.  Jenn also removed some of the display cases, and the remaining pieces received a coat of gray paint.  She stenciled the backs of a few shelves, and others were covered with Woods Wallpaper from Anthropologie, which was also used on the bakery’s accent walls.

This re-design was all about color branding and paying attention to the details:  Accent chairs and the Barista bar were also given new hues.

Didn’t Jenn do a wonderful job?  Birchgrove Baking was already a hot spot with the locals before this re-design, but it’s even more popular now.  If you’re ever in Vermont or you live in or near Montpelier, be sure to stop by the bakery for coffee and a sweet treat…and tell ‘em Kelly@Color Sizzle sent you!

If you need help selecting a color scheme for your business, contact me at  I offer affordable eDesign services to assist you wherever you live {PayPal accepted}.

Restaurant Color {The Silver Star Diner}

You may remember my eDesign post when I gave you a glimpse of my color design for The Silver Star Diner in Ontario, Canada.  Well…

…I was so happy to discover that the restaurant finally opened, and from the photos I’ve seen, it looks terrific!  I was so honored when the restaurant’s owner {who is also a top chef} contacted me about creating the color design for his modern diner, which was still under construction at the time.


I didn’t travel the 400+ miles to the site {although I would have gladly done so}.  Instead, the owner and I exchanged sketches, drawings and photos via email, and we also had a couple of phone conversations.  In the end and after several months, The Silver Star Diner opened for business earlier this year.  Let me take you on a tour:

The restaurant’s owner wanted stand-out colors that would fit the diner’s modern take on tradition.  He also wanted the colors to attract customers and make them feel welcome.  I chose Eastlake Gold for the main color {very warm and inviting} and charcoal gray was used for the upholstered banquettes.

And for a little bling at the bar, I specified a metallic-silver upholstery for the stools.

{All paint colors are from Sherwin-Williams}

For the accents I selected fun, punch colors:  Robust Orange, Gentian and Ionian.  All of these colors are featured on the bar wall and on the upholstered chairs.  I wanted to have the bar wall color-blocked to create a strong focal point.  Then, chose Ionian for the coffee station wall:

Using ‘in-between’ colors gives a space tons of interest because they are so intriguing.  In this palette, Gentian is in-between purple and blue.  Ionian is a cross between green and blue.

Another great feature in this space is the ‘welcome wall’ at the front of the diner.  The owner wasn’t quite sure how to treat this wall, so I suggested a silvery-gray glass mosaic tile.  The idea was that the tiles would twinkle — just like stars.

Setting the mood with color is so important in commercial spaces.  Just like we want to feel comfortable in our homes, we also want to feel at home in our favorite restaurant.

If you need help choosing a color scheme for your restaurant, contact me at  I offer affordable eDesign services to assist you wherever you live {PayPal accepted}.

Photos by:  Class Act Productions; Reclaimed

Restaurant Color {The Bicycle}


One of my favorite topics to blog about is restaurant design & color.  Trendy eating spots provide an array of great ideas that we can incorporate into our own home or business.  My hubby and I recently dined at The Bicycle, an Asian-influenced bistro in Baltimore.  Comprised of two renovated row houses, the atmosphere here is very cozy and colorful.  Shades of blue, olive, yellow and a few other earthy hues serve as the backdrop for eye-catching artwork and photography featuring…what else?  Bicycles.

The Bicycle Bistro2

The Bicycle Bistro3


The Bicycle Bistro4

Lobelia, Tansy Green and Butter Up

Inspired colors from The Bicycle:  Lobelia, Tansy Green and Butter Up {from Sherwin Williams}.

Top photo by Kelly Porter.  Other photos:,

Restaurant Color {Ranazul}

I recently dined at Ranazul, a tapas restaurant in Maple Lawn, MD. As with all restaurants I eat at for the first time, my eyes searched for color and design inspiration.

In the midst of lot of brown, beige and black leather, I noticed blue overhead.  Sky-blue fabric panels gently swooping from the ceiling.  It was just a subtle touch of color, but I surmised that if the panels had been a more vivid color, they would have taken away from the serene feel of the restaurant.

Ranazul Restaurant_website photo

Adding soft blues to a neutral palette is a great color scheme for any space that you want to keep casual and relaxed.

Ranazul website photo

{The wine wall is a focal point at Ranazul}

Restaurant Color {Two Urban Licks}

I was just in Atlanta a couple of weeks ago and I was totally inspired by a restaurant with an unusual name.

Two Urban Licks is one of the city’s trendiest places to dine.  Once a large warehouse, this hip, mid-town eating spot is characterized by tall, exposed ceilings, large windows and industrial flooring — but the space is anything but sterile.

With a contemporary color palette of red, brown and gray, this restaurant is very warm and sophisticated. I loved the red lighting fixtures of different shapes that hang together in a group {top photo}.  It makes a very dramatic color statement and it’s also something you can do at home in your dining room.

If you’re ever in Atlanta, check out Two Urban Licks!  Besides the fab decor, the servers are really friendly {southern hospitality, here} and the food is excellent.  I recommend the ‘Salmon Chips’ for starters.