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Modern Centerpiece Idea For Spring

vintage centerpiece by kelly porter

If you follow design trends closely, you’ve probably noticed that vintage bar carts and drinking glasses are super hot right now!

bar cart


bar styling by annesage


So, for my latest spring centerpiece I decided to play on this trend by using vintage drinking-glasses as my containers.  I snatched up my drinking-glass caddy at the thrift store for less than $20 {you can also find them online at Etsy, eBay and on-line flash sale sites}.

centerpiece design by kelly porter

Pink roses and yellow tulips create a classic, casual centerpiece that can work for a bridal shower, baby shower or any spring party.

drinking glass caddy

vintage drinking glasses

Stay tuned for more spring entertaining ideas!

Centerpiece design and photographs by Kelly Porter

Inspired Color Schemes: Spring Blossoms

If you need fresh color ideas, this is the perfect time to look to nature for inspiration.

Spring blossoms are blooming ahead of schedule and they are bigger than ever — all thanks to a mild winter.  So, I decided to grab my camera and head out into the yard to capture these gorgeous colors before they fade away.  I used my photos as inspiration for three color schemes that you can incorporate into your home with paint and accent colors.

When using these colors, be creative and don’t worry about following any so-called color rules.  I just read something about the “60-30-10″ rule which states that you should choose a main color for 60% of your room, a secondary color for 30% and an accent hue for 10%.  My thoughts on that rule — break it!

I’ve done several rooms where I painted one color on two opposing walls, used a second color on the other two walls, and chose two more colors for accessories and fabric.  It’s a fun look and my clients love it.  I hope you were inspired to try something romantic, retro or radiant today!

All photos by Kelly Porter
Next Post:  Choose Chartreuse

Quick Spring Decorating Ideas

This month over at Family, I shared a bit of advice on how to give your home a quick Spring Spruce-up:

If you have a pretty wind chime, bring it indoors! This wind chime {above} used to hang in my tree in the backyard {you may remember this post}.  I brought it inside one winter, hung it in my stairwell and it has been there ever since.  I love the pop of blue it brings to the hall, and it makes a great sound when it catches a breeze.

Don’t have a wind chime?  Every spring, you can find them in the craft store and even some grocery stores.  Below are more ideas from the Family Circle article.  Here’s to easy spring decorating!

{Purchase a colorful, new door mat.}


{Switch out heavy draperies for light and airy sheers.}


{Give your window sills a fresh coat of high-gloss paint.}


{Decorate your fireplace.}


{Paint your front door with a great, new color.}

A Pink, Peach and Lilac Affair

One of my favorite event designs caught my eye six years ago.

OK, maybe it’s because I love lilac, but this darling decor still tops my list of faves.  Featured in the Spring/Summer 2004 issue of Receptions from Bride’s magazine, I re-discovered it while flipping through some old publications.

I just think these ribbon-tied flower boxes are so adorable.  What a great centerpiece idea for Mother’s Day, and your flowers don’t have to be expensive — mums and carnations work just fine!

If you’re planning a spring wedding, you certainly can’t beat this delicate color combination —  and check out the cookie favors:

Pretty ideas for the perfect spring celebration {and for those who love purple}!