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Fab 4th of July Ideas

To celebrate Independence Day, I’m offering my first ever Porter House Designs Printables!

You can use these ‘Interstate July 4 Signs’ as cupcake toppers, straw tags or any other idea you come up with.  These Printables are FREE and you can download them HERE. Below are some other great Red, White and Blue ideas from around the web.  Enjoy the Celebration!

Retro Party Decor from Etsy

Ideas and Guidelines for Designing with the American Flag by ShelterPop

Sweet Treats from Martha Stewart

Snack Bowls from Plum Party

Sunflower Tablescape

It’s the first day of Summer, so what better time than to share a bright and cheery tablescape featuring Sunflowers as the focal point.

I created this ‘welcome table’ for an outdoor party.  Although I enjoy designing with sunflowers, they are sometimes tricky to work with.  Sunflowers have thick stems and can be awkwardly shaped, but their stately stature, dramatic yellow hue, and affordability really make them a great choice for summer gatherings…and yes, they can look elegant!

Packs of retro chewing gum usually get a positive reaction from guests.  In this case, yellow packs of Juicy Fruit perfectly complement my color scheme.

Fabric and ribbon are my “go to” weapons for tablescapes.  Notice how the buttons on the vase are made from the same fabric as the table runner.

Be sure to follow Color Sizzle for more fun and colorful entertaining ideas this summer!

photos and design by Kelly Porter of Porter House Designs

Bold Beach Color

When it comes to decorating a beach house, we often think of natural materials and soft, pastel colors…


…but some people think outside the sand box and go for bolder hues.


And why not?  A beach house should be about fun and excitement.  Relaxation is important too, but the ocean waves will take care of that.


Whether your house is at the shore or much farther inland, these beautiful beach houses show us that we don’t have to be cautious when it comes to coastal color.




photos from;

July 4th Crab Feast

Here in the D.C. area, Fourth of July celebrations typically involve a good ole’ fashioned crab feast, featuring Maryland Blue Crabs straight from the Chesapeake Bay.  After all, babies born here learn to crack open crabs before they can walk.  OK, that may just be an urban legend, but there are plenty of kids {including my own} around here who can open a crab in under 5 seconds.  So to honor the traditional crab feast, and to inspire one of your own this weekend, here’s a sizzling mood board that will get your celebration started:


1., 2., 3., 4., 5., 6., 7., 8., 9., 10., 11., 12., 13.