Celebrate Winter!

With all of the snow that some of you have been getting lately, I’m so excited to give a bit of winter decorating advice on Family Circle.com this month!

It’s no secret that I’m definitely passionate about color, but I’m also crazy about snow –the white stuff!  I love big blizzards, a good snowball fight and snow tubing, but what I love most is just watching the snow fall from the sky.  I’m continually amazed at how snowflakes appear underneath a microscope {and sometimes without one} — like little, flowers made from ice crystals.  I mean, how does God do that?

We just had our first major snowstorm of the year.  I enjoyed walking around my neighborhood taking pictures and taking in the scenery.

In the Family Circle article, you’ll find suggestions from several designers on how to brighten up your space this winter.  Among them:  new accessories, flowers and a different furniture layout.  All wonderful ideas, but my advice — Embrace The Season — means something a little different.  It means enjoying winter for what it is, instead of making it feel like something else.

I shared my tradition of making paper snowflakes with my kids.  Although they are older now and would rather be text messaging, I managed to bribe them into making a few this year {above}.  This is a great project for younger kids, especially when they’re home from school on snow days.

I also like to display treasured ‘cold weather’ finds such as my vintage skis that I found on eBay…

…and here is our Snow Buddy who hangs around all winter long.  Well, actually he’s my Buddy {my husband doesn’t like him very much}.

I’m truly convinced that the best way to brighten up winter days is to celebrate them.  Let It Snow!

3 thoughts on “Celebrate Winter!

  1. Congrats on the magazine appearance, very cool! As a Californian, I only get a weekend of snow in early spring when we are brave enough to drive up to the ski slopes. I like the snowflake idea though!

  2. Celebrating the season is great advice. I, too, love the snow and keep all the snowmen ornaments out until the final ski trip in March. If you love snowflakes check out the book entitled Snowflake Bentley which is the true story (written for children) about how snowflakes came to be photographed. There are lovely photos and illustrations and I think you will enjoy the photos of real snowflakes up close and personal.

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