Choosing A Color: Chartreuse

I’ve read there are two types of ‘green’ people:


…those who prefer blue-greens, and those who favor yellow-greens {such as chartreuse}.  Many children and teens love the idea of having a bright yellow-green room. Manufacturers are also using this color for products targeted toward a younger crowd. While chartreuse is definitely a youthful hue, I’m also seeing more of it in grown-up, contemporary spaces. I recently blogged {at} about the appeal of yellow-green and, while most people responded favorably, one reader described the color as ‘baby diaper green.’ That’s quite a description…”

–An excerpt from my Living Style column for Sherwin-Williams.


Chartreuse is one of the most eye-catching colors on earth — and not just because it’s so vibrant.  Red is vibrant, but we look at red and know exactly what color it is.  On the other hand, chartreuse intrigues us.  Is it green?  Is it yellow?  It looks like something gross…but it’s also kind of cool.

{design crisis}

{A pretty chartreuse and blue color scheme.  Photo by}

Chartreuse started showing up everywhere in the early 2000’s.  I believe this wave of warm green was similar to the avocado-green trend of the 60’s and 70’s.  But this new green had transformed into a color that was much more vivid.  Could this comeback be linked to this guy?…

It’s quite possible that chartreuse has become a hot color because of the movie character Shrek.  That would also explain the color’s popularity among the younger set.  And what’s hot in popular culture eventually works its way into home design:

{katy ridder}





{ideal home}

{amy butler}

For a monochromatic color scheme use chartreuse with other types of green {as shown in the room above}.  Or create a look that is more lively by adding turquoise, pink, purple or orange.  To tone down your palette include white, black, brown or gray in your chartreuse room.  This color fits into any design style — from a traditional dining room to a modern bedroom — so don’t limit your possibilities when choosing chartreuse.

3 thoughts on “Choosing A Color: Chartreuse

  1. I have had a gorgeous silk chartreuse pillow several years and it has inspired me to paint my bedroom that color. The problem is that I want that soft silky shine of the fabric; not the shine of a high gloss paint or even a satin paint. Would sure love to see suggestions on how to get that look without actually putting fabric on my walls… which I have done in the past.

  2. This is one of my favorite go to colors. Not the tennis ball chartreuse but the pea green version. It is really a great neutral. I can’t think of a color it doesn’t team up well with. Great images and a fun to read post. I have used this color with black and white but I love it combined with the blue greens. I may have to give that a whirl in a bedroom. :D

  3. I love…. that chartreuse with the blue tile! What great color combos; and now you’ve given me ideas for our laundry room redo (which begins tomorrow!).

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