Choosing A Color: Coral

Warm weather makes me think of the color coral.

{ellen kennon}

I know many people associate yellow with warm weather.  After all, yellow is the color of the sizzling sun.  But if you’re like me, when summer is on it’s way you’re thinking about a beautiful beach house, the center of a seashell, and even an amazing sunrise or sunset — all in shades of coral.

{apartment therapy}


Coral is a great color choice if you love vibrant, warm hues because you get the benefits of both orange and red.  Orange is uplifting and festive, while red is energizing and confident.  Coral makes a room feel intimate and cozy without appearing dark or too overwhelming.

{en escapio}

Coral makes a unique and welcoming color for the front door…


…And it’s wonderful to use an an accent.  Coral looks very chic with gray, turquoise and lime green.



{furniture trendoza}

And don’t forget the ceiling!  I’m a huge fan of painted ceilings.  You’ll be surprised at how marvelous it will make your room look.  Below is a living room I did for a client.  We pulled two shades of coral from her artwork and used them on the walls and ceiling.

coral living room | kelly porter


I also love the ceiling in this space.  Coral and teal is a very complementary color scheme:

{free house}


And if you’re having a party or you entertain regularly, coral makes the perfect backdrop for a celebration.

Summer is coming!  If you need help selecting colors, contact me at  I offer eDesign Services to assist you wherever you live!

3 thoughts on “Choosing A Color: Coral

  1. I’ve had one of those days looking at many sites and blogs seeking inspiration and can honestly say this piece really caught my eye. Now if someone said orange I’m sure the reaction would be its too much of a violent colour from many. This shade of coral is like an orange without the violence or a smoldering fire as opposed to a fierce fire. I loved it with its warmth and energy without making me feel I’m sitting in the fires of hell.

    And they even had the audacity to use green with it which would have some screaming, but you know what, it works great. Even in extreme form as with the free house photo, I really liked its bravery. It really is original and I think that’s what I have enjoyed most about some of these features.

    How bold the banquet table design looked, totally over the top but brilliant loved it. Of course there are some nice gentler looks there but I personally loved the wilder elements in this piece which is not usually to my taste, but I couldn’t help but love it.

    This appears to be a well established blog site and I think I will be delving into more blog posts here, but as an opener I felt impressed enough to comment. Really the bravest and best choices I’ve seen all day.

  2. I am still loving the “Copper Harbor” in our hallway!! Totally your idea!
    Right now I’m trying….. to choose a blue for the renovated laundry/pantry. The wall has blue measles at the moment, but I’m getting close!!!

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